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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Jordan Carver Can Do 200 Squats

Jordan Carver looks like a good wholesome shy chick who just wants to show her fans that even with her chest deformities you can persevere in this sometimes cruel world.  Jordan keep doing your 200 squats.  You are an inspiration!

Pictures of Bama Fans Running To Get Nick Saban's Autograph is Both Funny and Equally Embarrassing

Last Sunday was Alabama Fan Day at Bryant-Denny Stadium and as you can see these Bammers wanted to meet their God in flesh who goes by the name of head coach Nick Saban.  I haven't seen smiles like that since they realized it was only their cousin and not their sister they made out with after Bama's thrilling BCS victory two years ago.  "But Maw she's not my sister she be only my first cousin. paw said it was OK!"

Bama fans are simple minded kind of folk.  Cousins and Saban are the gifts that just keep on giving.  Roll Tide!

This SEC Network Commercial for Texas A&M is Extremely Uncomfortable

Look I love dogs as much as any other guy but I don't talk about them like they're my girlfriend.  I was waiting for Reveille to be shown in some doggy lingerie on his caretaker's bed when he said "she's the only woman in my life right now."  Dude I get it that you love your dog but put away the peanut butter Aggie and go talk to some real women.  Over/Under on this guy offing himself after this commercial airs nationwide has to be a month at the most right?  As much as I love dogs and college football this commercial just made me feel like I was "forced" to watch some strange Mexican snuff film.

UGA Freshman Nick Chubb Has the Blocking Technique Down, Lays Out FullBack

My gawd, he's only a freshman too.  Everybody in SEC Country wants to talk about Todd Gurley and Leonard Fournette and for good reason but Nick Chubb to me will make the greatest impact this season.  He's a fucking freak of nature.  He's Chubb Strong.  My gawd, only a freshman.  I got money on Chubb going for over 1200 yards this season.  Granted he is in Athens now and about half of his teammates will be suspended before kickoff vs Clemson.

Video via Dr. Saturday via BULLDAWG ILLUSTRATED

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