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Monday, October 20, 2008


Poor Kelly Ripa. First she has a freudian slip and calls Philadelphia Phillies Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt by the wrong name and then she has to deal with Regis yelling in her ear. Don't worry, I can comfort you Kelly. No one has to know.

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1. Texas Longhorns-The Longhorns simply put on a clinic Saturday night in taking Mizzou to the woodshed 56-31. Colt McCoy looks like the clear front runner for the Heisman right now and without a doubt is playing the best ball of his life. The road to an undefeated season doesn't get any easier this week as an undefeated Okie State comes into Austin to face the Longhorns. The way the Longhorns are playing it would take an off day from McCoy for the Cowboys to have a chance at winning this game in Austin.

2. Penn State Nittany Lions-The Fighting JoePa's appear to be improving every week much like Texas has this season. Playing in the Weak 10 helps but you have to hand it to Penn State, they come out and destroy teams by playing great in all 3 facets of the game. If they manage to win this week in Columbus then they have a legitimate chance to go to the BCS Title game. I'm interested to see how Beanie Wells does against a Penn State defense that gave up over 200 yards rushing to Michigan this past week.

3. Alabama Crimson Tide-These Rammer Jammers are a Jekyl and Hyde team right now. First half they look great and get off to big leads but then in the second half they have a tendency to lay off the gas and struggle with their defense. Losing DT Terrence Cody to a knee injury is huge even if it is just for a few weeks. He is such a big presence and he dominates the line of scrimmage. This week the Tide travel to Knoxville for a big night game on ESPN. The Vols looked really impressive against Miss. State last week so don't be surprised if we have another close SEC game.

4. Oklahoma State Cowboys-For a guy who doesn't get much pub you have to hand it to QB Zac Robinson. A duel threat QB, Robinson has led the Cowboys to an undefeated record so far by completing over 70% of his passes while also rushing for 5 TDs. They travel to Austin this weekend with a chance to earn a ton of respect against the #1 team in the country.

5. Oklahoma Sooners-I think it's becoming obvious with these Big 12 teams that they don't know how to play much defense. Or maybe their offenses are that good. Sooners beat Kansas 45-31 in another game where their offense looked unstoppable at times with QB Sam Bradford but their defense looked paper thin. The Sooners have a shot at reaching a BCS Title game but unless the defense starts playing better then they could slip in the polls even with wins.

6. Texas Tech Red Raiders-They are still undefeated. I'm not totally convinced this team is all that great but they haven't lost yet and play in the Big 12 which says something. They have four straight ranked opponents on their schedule starting this week with a road trip to Lawrence. Win it and they could be top 5.

7. Georgia Bulldogs-I got them over USC because they have the more impressive loss. A blowout loss to Alabama right now looks a lot better than the beat down USC took from Oregon State. Pollsters tend to forget but Bama is a way better team than Oregon State. The next two games at LSU and in Jacksonville will make or break the Bulldogs season. Win them both and one could argue they are the best one loss team in the country. Lose one or both and the Bulldogs could be playing in the Chick Fil-A Bowl.

8. Florida Gators-Gators got an off week to prepare for Kentucky this week. They should win easily in what will set up for a huge game in Jacksonville against Georgia. If the Gators want to make it to a BCS game they have to win out and at least reach the SEC Championship game. This Gators team seems to clicking at the right moment and I think they could beat any top 10 team in the country.

9. Utah Utes-They are undefeated and beat a team in Oregon State which beat USC so how can anyone have them ranked below USC? Don't give me the bullshit well "USC has more talent crap" because it doesn't hold any water. Utah deserves some respect and we at Sportscrack will give it to them.

10. USC Trojans-Back-to-back shutouts is impressive. Unfortunately for the Trojans they are going to need blowout victories the rest of the season and hope others lose to reach a BCS Title game. Remember they lost to an average Oregon State team and play in a shitty conference with a schedule that is incredibly weak the rest of the way.

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions if you agree or disagree. I'm always willing to listen and change my rankings.


This is one of the most blatant forms of corrupting a game since Eric Gregg was calling strikes 3 feet off home plate. The clip is from the South Carolina-LSU game on Saturday night and the referee makes a great shoulder tackle on QB Stephen Garcia. He must have gotten lessons from the Columbia PD.

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Hines must have heard the new BCS rankings were out and his Georgia Bulldogs are somehow ranked behind River's USC Trojans and wanted to take it out on the poor rookie. Keith Rivers left the game with a broken jaw. These are the kind of blocks that make you a Hall of Famer and there is no doubt Hines Ward will have a bust in Canton. This hit should be on his highlight reel during his introduction.

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Via TheWizofOdds comes this great picture from College GameDay in Austin. Bravo to the Texas Longhorns fans who came up with this great sign. The Longhorns made Mizzou and the Chase's their cup by completely destroying them in the first half similar to what Alabama did against Georgia a few weeks ago. Missouri has no shot of winning the National Title now and Texas is in the driver's seat with two tough teams in Oklahoma State and Texas Tech in the next two games. After watching Colt McCoy Saturday I'm not sure anybody can beat Texas at this moment.

By the way it looks like ESPN's Lee Corso made a great pick there with Michigan State. He must read this blog.


You got to hand it to the Tampa Bay Rays for not completely choking and letting the series against the Red Sox slip through their fingers. The Rays were the better team all season and beat the Red Sox best pitcher in Jon Lester twice with great performances from ALCS MVP Matt Garza. I thought the Red Sox were going to win this series after coming back from a 7-0 deficit in game 5 to extend it and then winning game 6 in St. Petersburg kind of gave me that whole "destiny" bull shit feeling. But you have to love this Rays team. Their payroll is below 50 million and they have a bunch of kids who are playing their hearts out and for the first time this season are learning how to win at the major league level. If anything it gives this Orioles fan hope going into next season. If the fucking Rays can make the World Series then why not the O's?

I will have my World Series preview and prediction up tomorrow. I totally whiffed on my league championship predictions going 0-2 but I'm still up 4-2 overall this postseason. Both the Phillies and the Rays are playing great fundamental baseball right now so it will be difficult to pick a winner but right now I am leaning towards the Rays. I am an American League guy after all.