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Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's time to give some predictions now with 2 solid weeks under our belt.

The last time these two teams played it was a joke, USC blew them out in the Coliseum. This year will be different. Nebraska has a running game led by Marlon Lucky that can put some yards on a soft Trojan defense. Yes, despite all their studs this is the PAC-10, and their defense is softer than Peter North after an eight ball. USC will win, but they are not covering.

Prediction: USC 28 Nebraska 24

Tennessee(+8) at Florida
I've been going back and forth with this game all week. The Gators have looked really strong against inferior competition and the Vols looked really bad against Cal. But these games usually are close, tough battles. I think it will be a shootout between Tim Tebow and Erik Ainge. I wouldn't be surprised if Ainge outplays Tebow and keeps the Vols in the game, perhaps with a 4th quarter lead. But Tebow pulls the grace of God out of his arse and wins the game for the Gators with a TD run even though everybody, and I mean everybody, knows it's coming.

Prediction: Florida 35, Tennessee 31

Texas(-19) at Central Florida
Texas running game is going to prove too tough for the Fightin O'Learys. The Longhorns finally get their shit together and flex their muscle in this one. Watch out for Mark May and the rest of the ESPN dipshits to jump on the Longhorn bandwagon after the game.

Prediction: Texas 42, Central Florida 10

Louisville at Kentucky(+7.5)
This game has upset special written all over it. The Wildcats can hang with Louisville's potent attack because they have Andre Woodson and Rafael Little. Both guys will have great games. The problem is so will Brian Brohm. These two teams don't have much defense, so in other words it will probably be a low scoring game because these kind of games always fuck the Vegas over/under line(which I believe is at 135 right now). Louisville avoids the upset..barely.

Prediction: Louisville 38 Kentucky 35

Ohio State(-4.5) at Washington
Huskies sensation Jake Locker meets a real defense for the first time. It could get ugly.

Prediction: Ohio State 28 Washington 10

Boston College at Georgia Tech(-7)
Backup College vs. the Nerds...oh the humanity! Tech's defense and running game will be too tough for Matt Ryan and his golden showers.

Prediction: Georgia Tech 31 Boston College 20

Arkansas(+4) at Alabama
You know what, fuck Dick Saban for taking off the SECPoon. You don't ever piss off the Poonlovers. D-MAC and Felix go nuts and all hell breaks loose in Tuscaloosa. Hide your daughters or nieces Saban, a reckoning is upon us.

Prediction: Arkansas 24 Alabama 17

Notre Dame(+7.5) at Michigan
It's all about survival now. Two storied programs in the depths of hell but one can rise out of the ashes and take back their season. It's freshmen sensations Jimmy Clausen vs. Ryan Mallett. It's Mike Hart's guarantee vs. Corwin Brown's new defense. More than likely it will get ugly, very ugly.

Prediction: Notre Dame 3 Michigan 2

So there you have it poopdicks. Have fun, drink beer, watch tons of football, and get laid for Virgin's sake.