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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


If you didn't already love Brian Kelly enough with the way he is changing the culture at Notre Dame (a team with heart) then you have to love the fact he just told NBC to shorten the commercial breaks and they agreed.

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly doesn't want anybody or anything slowing down the Fighting Irish or his spread formation -- one that worked so well in his previous stop at Cincinnati -- and that includes NBC, the network that's had a contract with Notre Dame since 1991.

Kelly said he and athletic director Jack Swarbrick have had conversations with NBC officials about how coverage plans will work with the Irish's up-tempo style, which is basically hurry-up, no-huddle.

"We've talked to NBC about the way we like to play the game versus maybe how it was played in the past," Kelly said Tuesday. "There is certainly a need for us to address it and I think we're working with NBC to make certain that they get what they need from an advertising standpoint. But, also as the network that carries Notre Dame, that we're able to do things we need to do as well."

In response, NBC plans to have five shorter breaks per quarter this season, rather than four longer ones, during Notre Dame games, a format that is used for NFL games.

Thank the fucking tv network lords! Nothing ruins momentum in football games like television timeouts. Especially the ridiculous 3-5 minute timeouts NBC has during Notre Dame football games. I have this gut feeling Notre Dame is going to be putting up 40 plus points regularly with this new offense. Kelly doesn't need prolonged TV timeouts fucking up the flow of the offense.

Now if they want to call a TV timeout when the opposition has the ball and momentum then by all means. I want home field network for a change. NBC can now go about fucking up late night television and not Notre Dame football.

NBC lawsuit coming in 3, 2, 1......


Like taken one off the fuggin noggin. Sky Sports soccer reporter Jessica Kastrop almost swallows her microphone after taking one in the back of the head. Big HT to Extra Mustard for this head's up play.

By the way Germany's Jessica is not too shabby. Here are a couple of pics to wet the palate...

And just to mess around here is a random German soccer team picture...


I had no idea girls like this existed in the Midwest. I thought they all flocked to either the South or California. I'm going to say this Indianapolis Colts fan might become an internet sensation real quick with this Youtube action. I wonder if Peyton Manning got a piece? Of course he did. He's the fucking quarterback with the rocket fire arm and the happy feet.