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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sorry I missed last week but what can you do... McPeter's Week 5 pics

Yes, it's a leprechaun, and yes he's scary. That's what's going to happen to the cheery ole' mascot if ND loses this week...

Okay, this time I missed a whole week. Please forgive. To be honest I had a family emergency, but call it what you will, I missed last week's picks unexpectantly. Looks like a big week this week and my record is still mediocre at 11 - 5 and with last week a wash so I can only hope this week goes well. Looking forward to a good weekend in college football and on to the picks…

Florida vs Bama

The Gaytors found some rhythm last week with Trey Burton in the "Tebow" formation, but Ingram continued his Heisman hopes. Saban vs. Meyer, Saints vs Satans, whatever you want to call it. Meyer and St. Tebow vs Satan and his Hell Hound. Florida's offense better step up because Bama's D is young, fast, and is doing a hell of a job. The Gaytors D has been impressive, but the offense has struggled. Brantley was thought to be the answer to losing the "Holy Heisman" to graduation, but he's been less than impressive. Rainey got arrested for pulling a Mel Gibson and the Gaytor's starting running back, Jeff Demps, has been in a boot for the majority of this week. Despite all the hype, I'm not sure that the Florida D is up to stopping Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson. Although Greg McElroy isn't exactly a prolific QB, he hasn't lost a game as a starter and I'm not expecting him to lose this one. The Tide rolls the Gaytors and keep up their impressive run of not losing a game and staying in the #1 spot yet again. Roll Tide.

Prediction – Tide 24 vs Gaytors 14

Stanford vs Oregon

The Ducks have ugly uniforms and Stanford has Andrew Luck, but that's not enough to stop the prolific Oregon offense from giving Stanford their first loss of the season. Andrew Luck is a legitimate Heisman contender and quite probably the first overall selection in the draft, definitely the first QB taken, he's not luck(y) enough to win this game. While the Duck may not have to do 10 billion push ups this week, he will definitely not be tackling a tree (see the bobcat vs the ... brutus?!?!?). The Ducks improve to 5 - 0 and continue to show they may be a National Title contender.

Prediction – Oregon 42 vs Stanford 17

Texas vs Oklahoma

This year's Red River Rivalry will be another good one. Texas has lost one game and this will be Garret Gilbert's biggest test. Texas lost to UCLA last week and Oklahoma looks to be a legitimate National Title contender. Call me crazy but I think Oklahoma will be playing Bama in the National Championship leaving Oregon on the outside looking in. Oklahoma is going to roll in this game and continue it's run through the Big 12. Texas' D was suspect last week and while I believe in Will Muschamp and hope that if he's not UGA's next coach, he does a hell of a job after Mack Brown leaves Texas, I don't think Texas' D is ready for OU this week. Sorry Horns, but I don't think you'll Hook Em.

Prediction – Texas 10 vs Oklahoma 21

Iowa vs Penn State

Joe Pa is old, Iowa is good. If that's not enough, Penn State is starting a true freshman QB against a stingy defense. Can anyone even tell me what the hell a "Nittany Lion" is?!?! I mean what the hell is a Nittany Lion. Ok, after just a little bit of research, I found a Nittany Lion is a mountain lion that was on Mount Nittany, no really, that's the truth. Iowa sends the Lion back to Nittany and the Hawkeyes make sure the lion stays there for a few more years. Look for the Hawkeyes D to roll and Joe Pa to sleep through another game. I'm not sure he can make more than 4 hours without at least a power nap. Look for the Hawkeyes to make a serious run at the Little 11 Championship.

Prediction – Iowa 17 vs PSU 7

UGA vs Colorado

I'm still picking Georgia. Forget the analysis because it's all screwed. They get Green back, the O-line still has to pick up the slack and UGA's strength in running back has looked like the worst part of the game. Thankfully, UGA shouldn't have to play too much D against a weak Colorado team. UGA needs the win to have some life and to save Richt. Let's just pray the game plan is expanded from Run Middle, Run Right, Screen Right to the fullback, Skinny Post to Durham.

Prediction – Georgia 24 vs Colorado 10

ND vs BC

The Irish may be the only team in the country as desperate for a win as the Dawgs. They'll win this one for Brian Kelly. Look for the Wild Leprechaun package early and often. Tailer Jones scores another TD and ND wins a good game.

Prediction - BC 13 vs ND 20


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Former Atlanta Falcons head coach Jim Mora Jr. sounds like a real peach to deal with doesn't he? Doug Gottlieb was filling in for Colin Cowturd today on his radio show and I thought he asked some fair questions for Mora to answer. It's hard to make Gottlieb look like the good guy but Mora did an excellent job of it. I mean seriously, what an asshole. No wonder Michael Vick was lazy in Atlanta. No matter what he did he would always get chastised by Mora.

"Can I fight your dog?"says Vick.

"No, jesus! Have you ever fought a Husky before? What a stupid question! Now go fetch me some pancakes!" replied Mora.

Video HT: TheBigLead