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Monday, August 31, 2009


Tears of a Clown my friends! Tears of a Clown! Dick Rod is so fucking pathetic I almost feel bad for the University of Michigan. He still brings up West Virginia in his press conference...what a fucking moron! How about you follow the rules and try to gain the respect of your players instead of displaying these crocodile tears at some bullshit press conference? I hate Michigan Football but now I just feel bad for them because Dick Rodriguez is just so embarrassing. First a 9 loss season, players transferring at record numbers to get away, players complaining about practice, and now this cry baby bull shit. Too funny if you ask me.


After watching this video of LSU Tiger's offensive guard Lyle Hitt give a tour of the Charles McClendon Practice Facility you can see why all those little southern bayou kittens pick Baton Rouge as their choice of 4-6 years of SEC football to turn into lethal Tiger machines...

If there is one team in the SEC who can beat Florida, especially in the trenches, it's LSU. The Gators travel to Baton Rouge on October 10th for a night game in what very well could determine who is still alive to play in the BCS Title game let alone the SEC Championship.

Video HT: ExtraMustard


...than 99.6% of married men. I love the laughter of the cheerleaders as they try to play it off as innocent fun.


Minnesota Twin's second baseman Alexi Casilla made this incredible flip against the Baltimore Orioles last week while I was watching the Orioles lose yet another game. After I picked up my jaw off the ground all I could do was shake my head in amazement. I've seen middle infielders use the flip but I have never seen one performed like Casilla did while diving in mid air. Casilla must have dolphin flippers. There is no other reason. It's like gay people in denial.