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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Manny Machado Fakes Throw, Picks Off Rays Rich Thompson

This kid is just a rookie. If Derek Jeter makes this play it's shown five million times in the next 2 weeks. But Jeter isn't that heads up to make a play like this. Manny Machado is not a rookie anymore. He's a freak. Not only did he make this great play in the top of the 9th to preserve a tie game with the Rays but then he singled and scored the winning walk off run. It's September 13th and the Orioles are still tied for FIRST PLACE with the New York Yankees! 20 games to go. It's pennant fever in Baltimore.

I'm pretty sure Gary Thorne almost shit his pants when he saw Machado fake the throw. He at least had a honey fart.