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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Speaking of the 1986 New York Mets, here we have former "portable potty" member and current South Georgia Peanuts minor league manager Wally Backman going off his young team after a tough loss. He seems like a nice guy. I actually can't blame him for his tirade. Have you seen South Georgia? The mosquito's are bigger the women down there.

Video HT: WithLeather via Playing for Peanuts


Not often can one make TNT's Craig Sager look good, especially in those hideous suits, but actress Kyra Sedgwick does a fine job. She might want to stick to the script though of "This game is fantastic!" or the NBA is "Where amazing happens!" instead of trying to improvise her role of "NBA Fan." She obviously doesn't know the difference between an old catcher's mitt and Kevin Bacon's face at this point. Actually I might not be able to tell the difference at this stage.

I actually love the fact that she knows she is bombing on live television but just smiles thinking that her pretty face will get her off just like the first time she sat on a directors couch. I think it's called the Denise Richards method.


As you can see this jackass made "history" by being the first streaker at the Met's Citi Field. I'm sure it was fun for him after they escorted him off the field and clubbed him like a baby seal. It's what New York cops do. They have a lot of pressure on them ever since NYPD Blue came out and we saw Dennis Franz bare ass on screen. You can't tell me the police department doesn't hold a grudge for that portrayal.

I got some things I need to get off my chest about the new Shea Stadium. First off why in the hell do they have a Jackie Robinson memorial there? I get it that Jackie is an institution on itself in regards to baseball and his name is held in high regards to the desegragation in Major League Baseball. But last time I checked he never played for the Mets. He was a Dodger. Just because the owner has some creepy fascination with Robinson doesn't make it right. Shouldn't it be about the Mets history? For instance they should have a memorial room filled with cocaine in honor of the 1986 Mets. Doc Gooden called them the "portable party" because of all the booze, loose women, greenies, and cocaine that team devoured on their way to their World Series victory over the Boston Red Sox. How about just a toilet with a simple line of coke on the top of the seat and a saying underneath that gets to the point: "Keith Hernandez once snorted off this actual toilet seat before delivering a game winning hit, propelling him to a night of hookers, blow, and celebrity cult status."

Second thing I need to get off my chest is about that shit stadium they made and how quirky it is. You would think if you spent $800 million plus on a stadium you could get the thing right. Why then do a lot of the seats have blind spots? If I am paying top dollar for a seat I expect to see the whole field of play. And what's up with all the rails that come into play in the outfield. Can you not just build a simple fence that makes it fairly easy for the umpire to be able to call a home run or a ground rule double?

And yes I am bitter about the Braves blowing that game last night to the Mets in case you were wondering. In old Shea Stadium the Braves would have never blown that game. The new one not so much.

Video HT: With Leather