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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Avengers Trailer...Fuck Yeah!

Yeah definitely one of those flicks you have to see on the big screen. I'm just going to go ahead and put this out there: The Avengers will smash box office records. Even a semi functional retard like myself can see that. It's like the first time I saw Andrew Luck play against Notre Dame in person or Darren McFadden tote the rock vs Georgia. You just know when you are watching greatness. The Avengers trailer oozes it.

USC Football Has A New Theme Song

I can't wait till Notre Dame sends USC back into the dark ages in 11 days. It's going to be glorious to see the men of Troy cave under their bitch of a coach in Lane Kiffin. Since Kiffin has arrived I'm pretty much positive he's infected the whole program with AIDS. Nobody in their right mind wants to touch them after losing 30 scholarships and a postseason ban of 2 years because of their AIDS. USC is just in a sad, sad state of mind right now. It's time for Brian Kelly and the rest of the Fighting Irish football team to kill them off and give them mercy. RIP USC. Or shall I say FUSC?

Further Proof Virginia Tech Needs to go to the SEC: Lane Stadium Going Crazy

Holy shit I got goosebumps watching the end of this Miami-Virginia Tech game. Metallica's Enter Sandman blaring on the speakers. Hokies everywhere jumping up and down. The place looked like it was going through a fucking earthquake they way it was shaking. This is why Va Tech needs to go to the SEC. They bring passion and emotion and a great atmosphere that you don't see anywhere else. If the SEC wants to continue to dominate the college football landscape I would recommend gobbling up the Hokies and pass on Mizzou.

Video HT: Will Ward

Top 10 College Football

1. LSU-The Mad Hatter completely beat the living piss out of Muschamp and Weis last week 41-11 in a game that wasn't even that close. The Tigers offense isn't spectacular by any means but it is efficient and the defense is right up there with Bama for best in the nation. They should beat the Vols this week by at least 3 scores.

2. Alabama-Bama didn't play great last week but they still covered the 29 pt spread (thank you very much) and handled Vandy with a 34-0 win. If Trent Richardson wants to get more Heisman consideration he is going to have to hope his backup Eddie Lacy doesn't overshadow him. The Tide have a couple of bye weeks ahead with Ole Miss and Tennessee on the schedule before the National Title game Nov. 5th.

3. Stanford-The Cardinal are 5-0 against the spread and continue to absolutely dominate every single team on their schedule. Granted it's not been the best schedule but the fact that Andrew Luck has been near perfect this season and the Cardinal continue to push around the opposition on both sides of the ball tells you how great this team is.

4. Oklahoma-The Sooners dominated Texas behind a defense that created 5 turnovers by a score of 55-17. Landry Jones finally seems to be finding his groove. I could see the Sooners going undefeated and being left out of the BCS Title game especially if FSU which was seen as a quality win continues to shit the bed.

5. Wisconsin-The Badgers had an off week after throttling Nebraska. Looking at their schedule it's a strong possibility they go undefeated considering the Big Ten is kind of shitty and they don't have Michigan on the schedule. Russell Wilson is having a great season but please people, stop with the Heisman talk.

6. Boise State-The Broncos made up for not covering the spread against Nevada the week before by demolishing Fresno State 57-7 last week. Kellen Moore was again near perfect and like Wisconsin I don't see anybody on their schedule beating them. There is a good chance we could have 5 undefeated teams at the end of the year (LSU/Alabama, Stanford, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Boise State) and obviously Boise would be left out.

7. Oklahoma State-The #1 scoring offense in the nation put up 56 points in the FIRST HALF against Kansas on their way to a 70-28 win in Stillwater. Granted Kansas has the worst defense in the nation but still, 56 points is damn impressive. The Cowboys have a good team but their defense is fucking terrible. Eventually it will catch up with them. They are ranked 71st in the nation.

8. Clemson-The Tigers slept walk last week against Boston College and still won by 3 TDs. They are on a collision course at Georgia Tech on October 29th in a matchup of what hopefully will be two undefeated teams that don't have a shot at reaching the BCS Title game. Tajh Boyd got a little banged up but should be back this week vs Maryland.

9. Oregon-The Ducks survived a scare when LaMichael James dislocated his elbow vs California but at this point it doesn't matter. The Ducks offense has been unstoppable since losing their opener vs LSU. They could have a tough battle this week vs Arizona State.

10. Michigan-Trust me it pains me to put the Wolverines this high because honestly they aren't as good as their record indicates but they are undefeated and I have to rank them above Georgia Tech and Illinois. They will get a test this week with their in-state rival Michigan State coming to Ann Arbor for a noon clash. It wouldn't shock me to see Denard throw 20 duckfarts up in the air and somehow get 400 yards passing out of it.