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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

In Least Surprising News Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly Names Everett Golson the Starting Quarterback

Via Irish Illustrated's Pete Sampson...

  Brian Kelly announced on Wednesday afternoon that Everett Golson will start for Notre Dame against Rice. 

 The head coach told the staff on Tuesday night and informed Golson and Malik Zaire on Wednesday morning. Kelly added that it's unlikely Zaire will play this season in any kind of packages this season a la Andrew Hendrix and that if he gets time it will be because of either injury or Notre Dame being so far ahead that they can play reserves.

Golson as you know led Notre Dame to an undefeated 12-0 regular season before a humbling defeat in the National Title game vs Alabama during his one and only collegiate season in 2012.  Coming off academic suspension Golson has gained 15 pounds of muscle while also working on his mechanics and footwork with noted QB guru George Whitfield in California.  By all accounts Golson appears to be a more refined product who should be able to put up Heisman Trophy worthy numbers in Brian Kelly's offense now that they have the weapons and system in place to do so.

Prediction: Golson has a tremendous season leading the Fighting Irish to a 10-2 regular season record and a major bowl victory.

Oregon Releases Their "Color Schedule" For Their Fans

I have no idea but do other schools do this?  This should be mandated for all schools.  It drives me crazy to see Notre Dame Stadium filled with a mixture of navy, gold, and green instead of just whatever color the student body is wearing.  With this kind of before season planning on what color the fans should wear on that particular Game Day it causes little if no confusion.  Every program should follow the Oregon Ducks way.

Pirates Edinson Volquez Makes A Sick Back Handed Stab

Prepare the fucking jolly roger!  Yes it was a blind grab but who gives a shit.  This play by Edinson Volquez deserves a slow golf clap.