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Thursday, October 08, 2009


It's an old video but still enjoyable just in the fact you can see Jessica Biel dancing her arse off (which will never bother me) while Ellen sits there rocking the high hard one salivating how she can convince the actress to come into her dressing room.

I wanted to apologize for the lack of posts lately and I figured this video could be a peace offering of sorts. Normal everyday life has been busy as shit (not complaining) and my wife and I were dealing with what we thought would be the closing of a foreclosed house we wanted to buy. FYI don't ever go into a FHA loan or deal with a bank like Fannie Mae in regards to a foreclosure without fully expecting to get Roman Polanski'd before you can even call the house your own. It always amazes me how banks, government, lenders, etc. can take something so simple and make it so fucking complicated that you basically have to walk away. Oh yeah and anybody trying to sell their house right now and not lose a considerable portion if not all of their equity I feel for ya. But we are not hear to talk about the housing market. Fuck it.

The MLB playoffs started yesterday and as you can tell I really have 0.1% interest in it. It seems to be the same old shit. The teams that spend money make the playoffs (unless you're the Mets, Cubs and Tigers who are traditional losers) and the teams that can't afford it don't make it. Right now if I had money on the playoffs I think I would have to go with a Yankees-Phillies World Series. Yep, two teams I really don't like and a World Series I would choose to watch as much as that mythical Subway Series a few years back. I still have no clue who won it nor choose to acknowledge it ever happened. Listen, I love baseball. I have played the game since I could walk. I have my two favorite teams in the Baltimore Orioles and Atlanta Braves and stick with them through thick and thin. Until one of those two organizations make the playoffs again then I'm going to continue to ignore the MLB playoffs and focus my attention on football. The Orioles of course hit rock bottom this year (finished last in the AL) while breaking in a bunch of rookies (Matt Wieters, Nolan Reimold, Brian Matusz, Chris Tillman, Brad Bergesen, etc.) who look to be either future Superstars to help lead the Orioles back to the playoffs or help out the Yankees and Red Sox once they reach free agency. It's the sad but realistic truth. The Braves on the other hand should have made the playoffs this season especially with their pitching. I was completely wrong on Javier Vasquez. The guy was brilliant all season. Same with Jair Jurrjens and rookie phenom Tommy Big Red Hanson. Derek Lowe's contract looks bad right now but hopefully the Braves can unload it this offseason for a bat, any bat. The hitting was horrible all season most notably the outfield. If the Braves had the money like the Red Sox, Yankees, and others they would have had Tommy Hanson in Atlanta straight out of Spring Training because he was the most impressive pitcher by far according to the coaches and players and they would have had Jason Heyward playing right field by midseason. Instead they waited on Hanson to avoid a season of free agency because it was the right business move at the time and they kept Heyward in the minors all year for the same reason. As much as I hate to say it if both of these guys were on the team the whole season the Braves would have made the playoffs in my opinion.

But honestly who gives a shit once football season rolls around? This time next week I will be in South Bend waiting for what I'm hoping to be the game of my life. Yes, I do still believe Notre Dame will beat USC on October 17th 2009. I will be charging the field and wrestling down the field goal posts along with 80,000 others when the final whistle blows. I have been dreaming about this game for 3 years now. It's time for Notre Dame to get back their respect and show everybody that they finally deserve their own TV contract. Jimmy, Golden, and the Hawaiian Hitman are going to become legends in Rock's Stadium October 17th. The cycle is finally going to turn in favor of the Fighting Irish.