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Monday, September 24, 2007


First we had Dan Hawkins lecture us on Big 12 football and how it wasn't intramurals brother, now we have Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy having a hissy fit over an article. Apparently writer Jenni Carlson of the Oklahoman called one of his players, quarterback Bobby Reid, a pussy last week. It's true you can read it here.

Last week we had Jabba the Weis give the death stare to beat writer Eric Hansen. College football is a dish best served cold motherfuckers!

-Rex Grossman is the worst quarterback in the NFL. I'm not sure what anybody has ever seen in him. It's like watching a slow motion train wreck with Grossman. Coach Lovie Smith has already stated he is going to stick with Grossman. It's too bad because the Bears have a really good team but will never win a Super Bowl with Grossman at the helm.

-The Eagles need to stick with those hideous UCLA wannabe uniforms. 56 points, are you fucking kidding me? I would wear garter belts with chaps out in public if I knew it was good luck. But of course people judge you too harshly, it's just fashion people.

-I know as crazy as this may sound I saw some good things out of Notre Dame on Saturday. RB's James Aldridge and Robert Hughes are both beasts capable of carrying the offense right now. I'm not sure why these two horses have hardly gotten any carries before this past week, but if I was Jabba the Weis I would keep feeding them while sprinkling in a little Armando Allen. I was also very impressed with LB's Kerry Neal and Brian Smith. Both freshmen played with a motor and made plays throughout the game. Here is hoping for the sake of my liver that Jabba the Weis plays these kids more often.

-Gamblers out there should recognize that Notre Dame hasn't covered a spread all year. Right now they are 21 1/2 point dogs at Purdue this week. You might want to take Purdue with the points considering this will be the first week the Irish go up against a good college QB in Curtis Painter.

-Ole Miss played an inspiring game against the Gators. Ed Orgeron is the real life Shrek. The guy has that crazy eye look, like he might just bite you for no good reason. The Rebels will have a good team next year with Texas transfer Jevan Snead leading the charge at QB. Orgeron just needs to keep relentlessly getting the recruits and I could see them challenging in the SEC West next season.

-I think right now my top two Heisman contenders are SEC quarterbacks. Tim Tebow and Andre' Woodson have been nearly flawless and have put their respective teams on their shoulders. My preseason favorite Desean Jackson is going to need some huge games to catch up. It's too bad he isn't healthy right now. Here is hoping he has a clean bill when they play USC.

-Family Guy and Curb Your Enthusiasm continue to hurt my sides from laughter. The 6th season premiere of Family Guy, called the Star Wars episode, was a classic. You don't handle the budget Terry, I do!