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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


1. Alabama Crimson Tide-Bama is your new #1 for this week after coasting to an easy win over Arkansas State and benifitting from the Longhorns loss. I'm not convinced this Bama team is a great team but right now they are the only undefeated SEC team and if they beat LSU in Baton Rouge this week they have a great shot of going into the SEC Title with no losses. I think LSU and the home crowd will be ready for Saban's "homecoming" and it should be a close game.

2. Texas Tech Red Raiders-They beat Texas. Granted they needed a touchdown with one second left on the clock to squeeze it out, they dominated the tempo of the game and it was not a fluke win. Graham Harrell had the poise and calm demeanor of a Tom Brady and Michael Crabtree proved to the nation why he is the best receiver in the country. They are going to need to bring their A game this week with a tough Oklahoma State program looking to stay in contention for a Big 12 Title game. I wouldn't be surprised if both #1 and #2 go down this weekend and totally fucks the BCS yet again.

3. Penn State Nittany Lions-They were off last week after a hard fought victory over Ohio State two weeks ago. They travel to Iowa to play a Hawkeyes team that has been snake bitten in four games this year, losing each by less than 6 points. On paper this shouldn't be a cake walk for Penn State and I expect a big game from Iowa RB Shonn Greene. If Penn State wins they could be the new #1.

4. Texas Longhorns-The Longhorns faced a Texas Tech team that was hitting on all cylinders in Lubbock and if their starting freshman safety Gideon doesn't let the ball slip into between his fingers then they are still the #1 team in the country. A loss is difficult to swallow but the Longhorns are still very much in the running to win the Big 12 South and could squeeze into the BCS Title game if they win out. They need to start by crushing Baylor this week and making a statement that they are still the best team in the Big 12.

5. Oklahoma State Cowboys-WR Dez Bryant is giving Michael Crabtree a run for his money on best receiver in the nation right now. His 4 touchdown catches against Iowa State puts him on pace for 20 this season which would lead the nation. The Cowboys travel to Lubbock(they will now have 3 games on the road against the top 3 teams in the nation at one point) and will be facing a Red Raiders team primed for a letdown. If the Cowboys win Saturday night then you have to give them serious consideration for a BCS Title game appearance.

6. Oklahoma Sooners-Absolutely destroyed Nebraska and now travel to College Station to presumably do the same to Texas A&M. They get Texas Tech in two weeks..holy shit, the Big 12 South is absolutely loaded this year. If any team comes out of the Big 12 with a conference title and only one loss then they should be playing in the BCS Title game. No questions asked.

7. Florida Gators-The Gators beat the living shit out of UGA in Jacksonville and are now in the driver's seat to win the SEC East. They need to win out and hope they beat an undefeated Alabama team in the SEC Championship to have a shot at the BCS Title game. Right now the Gators might be the best team in the country with the way they are dominating but they still need a lot of help to move up in my ranking because of the home loss to an unranked Ole Miss team.

8. Utah Utes-Still undefeated despite barely getting by a bad New Mexico team 13-10. One could make the argument they were caught looking ahead to tomorrow's huge game against TCU which will determine which of those two teams reaches a BCS Bowl game. If Utah can beat TCU at home then in the perfect storm they could somehow be in the top 5 next week.

9. USC Trojans-People tend to forget that USC is not a cinch to win the PAC-10 this year. They should win out starting this week against an overrated Cal team but if Oregon State wins their last two games then they win the conference due to the tiebreaker win over USC earlier in the season. In other words best case scenario is USC goes to the Rose Bowl and has no chance of going to the BCS Title game.

10. TCU Horned Frogs-They have the best run defense in the country. They gave up 25 yards rushing to Oklahoma a few weeks ago but their 4 turnovers killed them and if they had cut half of those then they could be undefeated right now. They travel to #8 Utah tomorrow and get the chance to prove why they might be the best one loss team in the country.


This commercial of Guitar Hero makes me actually want to buy one if I still played video games today. Supermodels in lingerie have that effect much more than Kobe and A-Rod dancing around in their underwear. Those advertising gurus for Guitar Hero are genuises.