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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


According to Carter Strickland of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Coach Mark Richt has closed practices in favor of privacy while preparing for Alabama this week. One can only presume that Richt is nervous of the Saban, a disciple of Bill Belicheater.

Coach(Nick Saban) just happened to work for Bill Belichick at one time. Belichick was fined for spying in the NFL two weeks ago.

"You just don't know what can come out," Richt said. "We wanted to get it as tight as we could get it."

Georgia has been increasingly sensitive about other teams possibly knowing its offensive plays. Richt avoided that direct line of questioning and instead offered this:

"Everybody is a little bit paranoid that a little bit of information is getting out that could make a difference," he said.

As for an opponent coming in and watching practice, Richt highly doubts that would happen.

"I would be shocked," Richt said. "You would have to hire somebody to go and act like he is somebody else and I don't think they would do that."

First Saban lies to people in Louisania and Florida, then he takes away the SECPoon, and now he is suspected of spying on his opponents.

Something must be done about this Saban fella. True the guy has the Tide back in the top 25 and more than likely they will beat Georgia this week because they already know all of offensive coordinator's Mike Bobo play calls (hell, I know them and I've only watched two games)but this guy is as moral as a Catholic priest with his hand on a boy's knee.

I know Georgia fans hate Steve Spurrier because of his frank demeanor and statements and overall record against the Dawgs but I think Saban should be their new #1 enemy.

Don't fear the Saban...slay the beast before he takes over the SEC again.


James Henry(lovely mug shot to the right) is the latest winner in the contest of who can get arrested while playing for the Texas Longhorns. A backup reserve RB and special team player for Mack Brown's squad, Henry is the 6th Longhorn to be arrested in the last two months. He has been charged with two felony counts of obstruction and tampering with evidence in accordance with the investigation of a July home invasion that allegedly involved two other players, Andre Jones and Robert Joseph.

He has been suspended from the team indefinitely from the team according to Brown.

What the hell is going on in Austin? I can understand a few players making mistakes but these Longhorns are not getting arrested for minor offenses like jaywalking or underage drinking. Supposedly Henry went over to the house were the burglary took place and brandished out his own justice to the people who were accusing his teammates of theft.

Henry said he "went over there and whupped" one of the victims, who told police they were thrown on the ground and punching and kicked in the head several times.

Sounds like a stand-up individual looking out for his homies. What is the college football world coming to when you can't simply kick some body's ass for snitching? I think we can all blame this on OJ Simpson and Michael Vick. Clearly they have set a bad example for all black athletes including myself. Oh wait, I'm not black...I'm European-American.

Our new slogan for the Longhorns is "Book Em Horns!" Clearly a shirt needs to be made. Any suggestions?


The Boston Red Sox, otherwise known as the Yankees impersonators, had their annual rookie hazing tradition yesterday. Usually you don't see videos of this because cameras aren't suppose to be allowed but the Red Sox decided to forget the norm. I think my favorite part is seeing Dice-K and his interpreter in TeleTubbie outfits. They look like two gay midgets getting ready for a jello fight. Speaking of midgets, where the hell is 2b Dustin Pedroia? I guess the little fucker takes enough ridicule on the road that his team mates didn't want to hurt his feelings anymore. I would have dressed him up in an Oompa Loompa outfit, blindfolded him, spin him around for about 30 seconds and then let him run around the clubhouse. Now that would be entertaining. Hell they could put it on Pay-Per-View and call it "When Midgets attack clubhouses."

Oh yeah, the Red Sox and the Yankees are more than likely going to make the playoffs. The sad and unfunny truth, in other words the Dane Cook law, is that we will again be force fed their stupid rivalry up until 2080.


Okay, well, it's only a student at the University of Florida who was arrested and tasered at a John Kerry event at a campus forum but at least it's entertaining.

I'm loving the screams of "what did I do?"

You are acting like an idiot dipshit. I love democracy and I believe we should all have the right to free speech, but a part of me loves seeing this kid named Andrew Meyer the Cryer (no apparent relation to Urban, but he sounds like him) going down hard for acting like he is better than everybody. Sure he may be better than John Kerry, shit, who isn't? The guy lost to George Bush for heaven's sake.

But one thing you will learn as you get older: You are never better than the cops! No matter how many drinks you have had.

Ask OJ.