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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Ken Griffey Jr Apparently is Not a Fan of ESPN or Linda Cohn or Upper Deck...

Ken Griffey Jr had one of the most natural, beautiful swings and played the game of baseball with a big kid's smile on his face throughout his Hall of Fame career.  But Griffey's ESPN interview/Upper Deck Promo with Linda Cohn was delivered to the complete opposite field of natural and smiles.  Junior flat out looked pissed off to even be on TV.  I'm not sure what exactly happened before Griffey went live on-air to make him so curt with Cohn but like myself I think he's still trying to figure out who the Yellow King is in True Detective.

It's obvious after episode 7 who the Yellow King is Griffey.  In fact he's been in Seattle the whole time.

Now stop being an asshole and put a smile on your face Griffey.  I got a shoebox full of '89 Upper Deck rookie cards that was suppose to pay for my new liver by now.

NHL Ref Gets Sucker Punched

The lesson to be learned here kids is to always keep your head on a swivel.  Also karma is a bitch because we all know, even the ref here, that stripes probably had it coming to him.