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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Penn State Athletes React to NCAA Sanctions

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What the Hell is Going on Here? Melky Cabrera Actually "Trying"

First Ichiro in a Yankees uniform and now the notoriously sluggish Melky Cabrera making an effort to catch a ball in foul territory...what fucking planet am I on right now? Am I dead? I'm going to need a drink or 20 after watching this.

Lacrosse Bro Gets Knocked Out

I'm going to be completely honest here and don't judge me too harshly. I had no clue that fighting was allowed in lacrosse. Yeah I know I'm originally from Maryland but shit I just never knew fisticuffs were allowed like hockey. I'm definitely going to try to pay less attention to it in the future. See what I did there.

Ichiro on the Yankees

Have I been transported to some alternate universe? It just seems so bizarre to see Ichiro in anything but a Seattle Mariners uniform. I'm getting a little dizzy just looking at him. The future Hall of Famer is on the tail end of his career and is easily having his worst season at the age of 38 since coming over from Japan but I have a good feeling he will be rejuvenated playing in the Bronx...or the Yankees will just go out and get another dinosaur of a contract to play for them.

Rugdy Hit: Dean Young Knocked Out by Greg Inglis

I'm not positive but I think Dean Young might need a new spine after this incredible take out by Greg Inglis. Inglis' hit was so vicious the first time I watched it I believe I had a little bit of piss trickling down my leg. Absolutely terrifying blow by Inglis. Awesome. But yeah I hope Young isn't on a feeding tube or anything because that would totally suck.

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