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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Russian Youth League Hockey Fight Now Has Over 400k Views

Vitali and Sasha would be so disappointed in these kids.  You rip off the helmets first before you punch kids.  It's basic fighting 101.

An Epic Catfight at Steeplechase

This is what happens when rich white kids have too much to drink.  They get smacked around in their loafers and tucked in pink shirts.  Thugs.

I might have to attend Steeplechase one of these days.  I just can't imagine dressing up like these assholes.  This isn't a board meeting you fucking losers.  It's a horse race with tailgating.  Unless you actually own one of the horses there is no reason to be dressed like Patrick Bateman.

PS-Nice pantyless shot by the girl in white who went down quickly.

Double PS-The Blonde in pink is one of those angry drunk chicks who starts crying and bitching about her life after two glasses of wine.  Just do yourself a favor and shut it.

Bryce Harper vs Dodger's Outfield Wall

The wall always wins.  I'm not sure why Bryce Harper ran into the wall so directly with his face.  The warning track is there for a reason.  To give you a fucking warning that a metal wall is right in your face.  Harper could be seen asking if he made the play.  Not exactly Bryce.  The Nationals would go on to win the game 6-2 and Bryce will be ok.  His dignity not so much.