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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Meet ESPN's Newest It Girl: Britt McHenry

Mute the sound and take a gander at Britt McHenry, a new ESPN talent who will be reporting from her "home" base in Washington D.C.

Now before you slam McHenry as just another pretty face who can't do her job correctly keep in mind she has a Masters degree in journalism from one of the top schools in the nation in Northwestern.  Britt was also a fairly successful D1 soccer player in college and has been working her way up the ladder so to speak while working as a sports reporter and anchor at WJCA in Washington.  She temporarily took a job as a sideline reporter for the San Diego Padres but didn't feel the fit was right before going back to D.C.  Now she will be telling us the latest and greatest in regards to RG3, Bryce Harper, and John Wall among other stars in the D.C. Sports Market for ESPN.

She's got the SportsCrack stamp of approval.  I look forward to listening her talk about the Nats getting swept once again by the Braves in the near future.

Alexandria is a Chicago Fan, Looks a little like Kate Upton

If you are bored on this titillating Tuesday feel free to check out pictures of Alexandria Morgan over at The Chive.  She basically looks like a younger, hotter version of Kate Upton.  I'm surprised I didn't get struck by lightning after writing that but it must mean that God agrees because her God given talents are not of this world.  Feel free to follow her on Twitter if that's your stalking thing.

Brian Williams Raps "Gin and Juice"

Thank you Jimmy Fallon interns.  Without all of you this great Brian Williams mash up would not be possible.  Now keep working for FREE because some day you could be making as much as $30k coming out of college.