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Thursday, November 06, 2008



Cleveland Browns fans and Notre Dame fans for that matter will finally get their wish tonight as Brady Quinn will finally start his first NFL game against the Denver Broncos. The local Dublin, OH product has been a fan favorite ever since he was drafted in the first round in 2007 out of Notre Dame. Quinn has been the face of the franchise and some could even say the NFL with all his endorsements since being drafted even though he has only thrown 8 passes in his NFL career.

Derek Anderson, the incumbent starting quarterback Quinn is replacing, has been awful this year completing less than 50% of his passes and is currently ranked 31st among starting NFL QBs in passer rating while leading the Browns to a 3-5 record. To say he was due to be benched would be a huge understatement. Let's be honest here: Anderson is an average at best NFL quarterback whom the Browns management made a huge mistake last offseason giving him a 3 year contract worth up 24 million after he lead the Browns to 10 wins in a smoke and mirrors season.

But let's forget about Derek lick my balls and let's talk about Brady Quinn. He has been the future and now he is finally the present for a struggling Browns franchise looking to win for the first time in...well, forever. Quinn has the talent and the smarts to be a successful NFL Quarterback and holding a clipboard for another season and a half wasn't going to make him any better. Brady will now get the majority of the snaps on the first team offense during practice and will look to prove himself tonight against one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL.

In my mind Brady will be a success in the NFL because of the trials and tribulations he went through while in college. People tend to forget he helped lead Notre Dame to two BCS Bowl games despite playing behind an average and some would say bad offensive line which often got him killed. It's no coincidence that the Irish had one of their worst seasons in their storied history once Brady left. He was that great in college.

I also find it humorous the Browns are now finally giving Brady Quinn the starting job when his contract calls for escalators of up to $11 million if he gets 55% of the snaps in 2008. Granted if Brady starts the rest of the season and the Browns are successful he might get enough snaps but coach Romeo Crennel waited till week 10, which is halfway through the season, to give him the starting job when Derek Lick My Balls Anderson is completing less than 50% of his passes.

I for one will be Brady's #1 fan and cheerleader tonight. I was at his first college game at Notre Dame against Washington State when he was a true freshman and became a big fan ever since he took his first snap behind center. Charlie Weis has often said he has the "IT" factor you are looking for in quarterbacks much like a Tom Brady and/or Joe Montana. He is a leader and will help the Browns win games much like a Ben Roethlisberger has done for the Steelers.

The legend of Brady Quinn starts tonight...