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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Oregon's New Football Performance Center is Amazing

Very impressive Oregon. You just one upped Bama in terms of ridiculous football facilities. And people want to bitch and complain about the football players not getting enough compensation for their services. Shit. I wish I had a state of the art facility I could use every day in college to prepare me for the next level. On top of that a free education, food, room and board, clothes, women, fans, etc. Yup college football players at Oregon have it rough. Poor slaves.

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Further Proof Soccer Players are the Biggest PussBalls in the World: Cristiano Ronaldo Throws Out First Pitch To Yasiel Puig

World's greatest athlete my ass. My 2-year old daughter has a better arm than this "athlete" named Cristiano Ronaldo. Apparently he's some famous soccer playing fairy. And yes I get it soccer players don't use their hands or arms but throwing a baseball is one of the things you have to do in order to survive. It's like the assholes you always hear about drowning at Lake Lanier every summer. If you don't know how to swim why the fuck would you go swimming or near a body of water? Ronaldo only uses his arms when he's doing reach arounds his teammates so why the hell would he be allowed to throw a first pitch at a real sporting event? It just makes no sense. People who can't swim and Ronaldo should be grateful they survived this long because God obviously hates them.

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American Hustle Trailer

Holy film licking testicle balls. It's like the film gods read my mind and decided to put all of my favorite current actors in one movie. Bradley Cooper? Check. Christian Bale? Check. Amy Adams? Check. The goddess Jennifer Lawrence? Check! Jeremy Renner? Check. Fuck the story I just want to go see Cooper's perm for all it's glistening glory. Add some guns, 70's clothing, and a Scorsese feel to it and I'm sold.

Riley Cooper Used The N-Word at a Kenny Chesney Concert

I'm not sure what is more embarrassing for Philadelphia Eagles WR Riley Cooper. Using the N word is obviously very stupid and wrong but we are talking about a guy who plays for the Eagles who also sports a pony tail while taking in Kenny Chesney concerts. Plus he was a teammate with Aaron Hernandez and Tim Tebow at the University of Florida. Poor racist pony tail white receiver who plays in Philly.

Cooper apologized for getting caught using the racist word and now Michael Vick's outstanding citizen brother Marcus has put a bounty on his head. Life should be grand for new coach Chip Kelly. No controversies at all.