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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Deadspin points out that high School prep QB Jesse Scroggins is being heavily recruited by schools all across the country. If you check his scouts grade page you can see what particular colleges are on his teenage mind. From top to bottom they read Washington, Arizona, Nebraska, Tennessee and the Beavers of Oregon State. He is spelling it out for ESPN and everybody else. At least he doesn't have South Carolina in there.


I know you come to Sportscrack to get insightful analysis regarding cycling so here you go retards. With Leather points out the one cycling highlight I will provide all year.

The royal douchebag goes be the name of Theo Bos. It happened on the 8th stage of the Tour De Turkey as he pulled the yellow jersey of Daryl Impey viciously to hurt the dude. What an asshole! But we already knew that since the guy is a cyclist. I mean what has Lance Armstrong ever done for anybody besides himself. (crickets chirping)

Sorry people, I'm in a rather foul mood today. My internet connection has been blowing almost as bad as the Atlanta Braves and Baltimore Orioles bullpens. I wish they would just stop with the pussy footing with their prospects and go ahead and call up the likes of Tommy Hanson and Chris Tillman. They have to be better than Moylan and Adam Fucking Eaton. Right? Helen Keller could throw more strikes than those two dicknuts. I'm just going to go ahead and crack a beer and curse the internet Gods for giving me a shitty connection today.