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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

VIRGINIA TECH WILL BE ROCKING THE NIKE PRO COMBAT UNIS AGAINST BOISE STATE has the first look at what the Virginia Tech Hokies will be wearing on Monday night versus the Boise State Broncos. Of course you can always depend on Nike to come up with something new and these uniforms are a part of the new Nike Pro Combat series. I can't really tell by the picture if I like them or not. I'm usually more of a traditionalist when it comes to uniforms especially the numbers on the jerseys. I've also never worn camouflage in my life. Honestly I think these uniforms will just fire up the opposition more and Boise State will be ready for the Hokies. Right now Boise State is sitting as a 2.5 point favorite. These Virginia Tech uniforms have been the deciding factor. I'm going Broncos to cover the spread.

Link HT to Ryan.

Brantley + Heisman?!?!? You've got to be kidding.

Photo Image Courtesy of the Associated Press

Check out Chris Low's SEC blog on ESPN today and you'll notice something pretty interesting. Low tabs John Brantley as a Heisman Watch candidate from the SEC. He must have been on the Strasburg for President team. Just because the last QB of the Gaytors was either a Patron Saint or the reincarnation of Mother Theresa in a more manly, scratch that, more really really ridiculously good looking (thanks Zoolander) and much more athletic form, doesn't mean the "next" Gaytor QB should be in the running for the Heisman after not starting a game and only playing in mop up duty as last year. The kid is uber talented, but uber unproven and with so many Gaytors leaving their trailer parks for the NFL last year, the entire team has a lot prove. Hell, most of the coaching staff is less than 2 years in to their own mobile homes in the "swamp". Come on Chris, Marcel Dareus has a better chance at the Heisman and he's likely suspended for the season and winning this year's "I'm throwing away my talent by playing with agents", previously held by Maurice Clarett. PS no offense man, you're a good dude who's gotten his life straight after losing your eligibility and deciding to rob someone and you're much bigger than me, seriously man, no offense.

Season is almost here ladies and gents!!! Thursday's kick off can't come soon enough! Saturday starts the holiday season! Looking forward to the BCS having to justify their pics again, a few more coaches on the hot seat, Kiffin struggling, RichRod being fired, the SEC dominating, and everyone grilling out, drinking, and tailgaiting while pulling for their favorite teams which brings me to one important sentiment, Goooooooooooooo Dawgs! Sic Em! Woof Woof Woof!

Happy College Football Season!


What a waste of money this is: The senior to be quarterback completed 46% of his passes last season. Reggie Ball was more accurate! Come on Nerds...let's get serious. Nesbitt can run the ball (1037 yards on the ground last season) but he throws the football like a kid stricken with cerebral palsy.


Considering how completely anal MLB is with their interactive media I find it completely hilarious that someone fucked up last night when posting the latest J.A. Happ shutout (great move Phillies...ya fucking jackasses) of the St. Louis Cardinals. Yes, the "ROAD GETS ROUGHER WITH TWO-SHIT SHUTOUT" for the Redbirds. They are now 6 games back of the Cincinnati Reds in the NL Central. Maybe Albert Pujols should spend less time at a Glenn Beck Political Rally. Talk about jinxing yourself and your team. Come on Machine. You should know better.

Picture via JoeSportsFan


I'm still a little steamed about Herbie leaving off Michael Floyd on his top receivers list from yesterday so I figured what the fuck? Let's do my own top 5 players by position. These are not up for argument because they are the truth. Ok not really but you get my point.

1. Andrew Luck (Stanford)
2. Ryan Mallett (Arkansas)
3. Jake Locker (Washington)
4. Kellen Moore (Boise State)
5. Jerrod Johnson (Texas A&M)

1. Mark Ingram (Alabama)
2. Jacquizz Rodgers (Oregon State)
3. Noel Devine (West Virginia)
4. DeMarco Murray (Oklahoma)
5. John Clay (Wisconsin)

1. A.J. Green (Georgia)
2. Michael Floyd (Notre Dame)
3. Jonathan Baldwin (Pittsburgh)
4. DeAndre Brown (Southern Miss)
5. Julio Jones (Alabama)

1. Kyle Rudolph (Notre Dame)
2. Weslye Saunders (South Carolina)
3. DJ Williams (Arkansas)
4. Luke Stocker (Tennessee)
5. Lance Kendricks (Wisconsin)

1. Anthony Castonzo (Boston College)
2. Lee Ziemba (Auburn)
3. DeMarcus Love (Arkansas)
4. Gabe Carimi (Wisconsin)
5. Trevor Robinson (Notre Dame)

1. Adrian Clayborn (Iowa)
2. Marcel Dareus (Alabama)
3. Robert Quinn (North Carolina)
4. Cameron Heyward (Ohio State)
5. Greg Romeus (Pittsburgh)
*-Marvin Austin would have been top 5 but I don't know if he is eligible or not

1. Greg Jones (Michigan State)
2. Von Miller (Texas A&M)
3. Bruce Carter (North Carolina)
4. Akeem Ayers (UCLA)
5. Manti Te'o (Notre Dame)

1. Patrick Peterson (LSU)
2. Prince Amukamara (Nebraska)
3. Brandon Harris (Miami)
4. Aaron Williams (Texas)
5. Ras-I Dowling (Virginia)

1. Rahim Moore (UCLA)
2. DeAndre McDaniel (Clemson)
3. Will Hill (Florida)
4. Robert Sands (West Virginia)
5. Mark Barron (Alabama)

1. I
2. Honestly
3. Don't
4. Give
5. A Shit

If you care to second guess or make an argument for another player please leave it in the comments section. If you can convince me so and so is better I might be willing to change it.


In case you were like 98% of the rest of the sports world and had no idea the US Open started well here is your reminder with an incredible between the legs shot by Roger Federer. I love how they show Federer's wife after the shot. She must be familiar with his between the legs antics I'm presuming is what they are telling the viewer. Maybe not. Who knows. Just a couple of more days till college football starts and already my brain is shit.

Video via Deadspin


Cee Lo Green should win a grammy for this song. "Fuck You" is one of those songs that I will be singing in my dreams tonight. It's catchy and funny. I say we make this song #1 America. Do It!

Video HT to Andrew

Monday, August 30, 2010


I know I shouldn't be laughing hysterically since those are probably Albanian sex slave smugglers who have Liam Neeson's daughter swinging off a ledge but the anticipation always gets me. You know something bad is going to happen so it doesn't shock you or make you cringe. You just kind of laugh it off and say "thank god it ain't me" while you send the video to other co-workers and friends. Awesome.

Video via


In the new spread offense this guy is going to be putting up Riddickulous numbers while working in the slot. The Riddickulous Slot Machine should be fun to watch all season whether by ground or air. Catch your shirt today at

McPeters’ Five Predictions for Opening Weekend

First of all, sorry for the absence. My wife and I welcomed our first born into the world on August 18 and I've been home taking care of her and him. Nolan was born at 11:24 PM on 8/18/10 and is home, happy, and healthy with his mother! Thanks to all of you guys who wished us well and have been around. Nolan says you guys rock! He also helped me make these picks. Just before he fell asleep, I heard my week and a half year old son yell GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAWGS! That's my boy!

Without further delay...

1. Saturday September 4, 2010 8:00 PM

LSU destroys UNC’s hopes and dreams – Yes, before AgentGate, UNC looked good. Coach Butch Davis did a hell of a job building his team and his team did a hell of a job tearing themselves apart just before the season kicked off. LSU’s defense looks scary good themselves and the offense isn’t far behind. If Jordan Jefferson steps up, look for LSU to beat UNC by 21. If the entire UNC team is cleared to play, this may be a much tougher match up. UNC deserves better, but like Kentucky and thanks to dumb college kids and evil agents, may be praying basketball season hurries up.

Prediction: LSU 21 UNC 10

2. Saturday September 4, 2010 12:20 PM

UGA lives up to it’s “sleeper” status – Come on’ if the Dawgs don’t win by 21, Richt may actually be on the hot seat. Look for Branden Smith and Brandon Boykin to score special teams touchdowns, Justin Houston, Daryl Gamble, and Demarcus Dobbs to live in the backfield of the Ragin Cajuns and Todd Grantham’s defense to balloon statistics all day. There are some big debuts all over the defense including Jakar “Hitman” Hamilton, Bacarri Rambo finally starting, Alec Ogletree’s first collegiate interception, and the 3 - 4 defensive scheme to confuse both the opponent’s offense and at times UGA’s own defense. On offense, the nation’s top O-Line, top tight end group, and top receiver open up a running game like UGA hasn’t seen since the GA Tech game last season for Caleb King, Carlton Thomas, and Ken Malcome. Logan Gray catches a couple passess, Orson Charles breaks a few ankles, A.J. Green makes several spectacular plays and all is well in the BullDawg Nation until we beat South Carolina next weekend. Look for Marlon Brown, Rantavius Wooten, Aaron White, and Kris Durham to have welcoming parties. Yeah, it’s going to happen!

Prediction: UGA 42 – LA Lafayette 6

3. Saturday September 4, 2010 7:30 PM

Vandy grows some balls and gets them kicked in – Go figure, the SEC East team to take on an actual football team that resembles a college athletic program is the one SEC team who looks like the weak opener for Northwestern. Here’s hoping for Larry Smith to QB a hell of a game and a win for Vandy’s new coach, Robbie Caldwell. Personally, I hope Vanderbilt does a great job and Caldwell is a successful coach, but even if the Commodores flop, like they always do, Nashville is still a great city and you’ll still catch me randomly in Tootsie’s or The Stage tossing a few back and enjoying the live music.

Prediction: Vandy 17 – Northwestern 14

4. Saturday September 4, 2010 3:30 PM

Notre Dame shows up – It’s about time Notre Dame plays like a college football team again. I have grown tired of too many pretty boys with too much talent being all too wasted. That’s a lot of toos. Still, Dayne Crist is too talented to lose too often and the Notre Dame running game and defense should be much improved. Look for Notre Dame over Robert Marve and Purdue in a close game. It's going to be a good one regardless!

Prediction: Notre Dame 21 – Purdue 17

5. Monday September 6, 2010 8:00 PM

Hey Hokies, Shut Up! – Sorry, but I’m not apologizing to any Va Tech fans at all. Ryan Williams is good, Tyrod Taylor flashes both sides of Michael Vick, Bud Foster is an amazing D-coordinator, and the special teams for the Hokies will be stellar, as always. Boise State will win, period. Boise State still has something to prove and they are too talented to lose to a decent ACC team. The Broncos and their blue turf should join the ACC and give the ACC the consistent BCS threat every year that they have lacked since Miami starting sucking, Bobby Bowden went on a decline, and Ga Tech, nevermind, Ga Tech always sucks.

Prediction: Boise 28 – Va Tech 17


Because there is no fucking logical reason why he failed to mention Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd in his top 5 receivers for his annual "Herbie" Awards...

1. A.J. Green, Georgia
2. Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma
3. Jon Baldwin, Pitt
4. DeAndre Brown, Southern Miss
5. James Rodgers, Oregon State

I have no argument with A.J. Green being #1 because he is the best in the nation but Michael Floyd deserves to be up in the #2 or #3 slot. Floyd is a fucking monster who will eat your children Herbie. I really hope the coaches and players show Floyd this list to fire him up even more. The only reason I can possibly come up with the utter disrespect by pretty boy Herbie is that Floyd has a tendency to get hurt. He missed 5 and a half games last year and still nearly put up 795 yards receiving with 9 TDs in only 6 full games. Nobody can stop Floyd except himself.

Come on Herbie. Put down the paint chips and fucking wake up. Floyd next to A.J. Green are the two most dominant receivers in the college game. Show some respect Buckeye.


Valiant effort by the Nerd. My ass would have been passed out and pissing on myself after the fourth spin tops. It's a good thing Georgia Tech Head Coach Paul Johnson wasn't on hand for this display. He might have pulled a Suh and ripped the kid's head off for being a pussy. God I can't wait for college football to start!

Video via BarStoolSports


Detroit Lions rookie defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is apparently not a Jake Delhomme fan. Who can blame him? The rook literally tries to rip off his fucking head. I think the "House Of Spears" is sending a very loud and clear message to the rest of the NFL that you better watch out for him and that the Lions are no longer the league's patsy. Even though they still are. I still got my money on Suh and Golden Tate being the two best players in this rookie class. Those guys are once every ten years type players who have that something extra that makes them special.


Talk about an all-time epic fuck up on the football field. Jesus kid...what the hell were you thinking? This video has already gone viral with over 750,000 views and the first thing I thought when I saw this was "Holy shit Reggie Ball is back in high school!" It's got to be him right? Or the kid must be related to Ball. Only a Ball would pull something so idiotic.


Here is a pump up video for my Georgia friends to get them through this slow Monday....

And of course I can't have one without a little Irish magic in it...

5 more days. We can't get through this. The tailgate is just around the corner. I can smell it.

Friday, August 27, 2010


This is the kind of headline you don't want to read just 8 days before kickoff. Especially if you are Mark Richt. Tailback Washaun Ealey (co-starter with Caleb King) is sitting in jail for hit-and-run of, get this, a parked vehicle. Excuse me while I shake my head in laughter.

University of Georgia tailback Washaun Ealey was arrested early today for hit-and-run of a parked vehicle and driving with a suspended license, according to Clarke County Jail records and UGA Police.

Ealey, 21, was booked into the jail at 5:22 a.m. and remains there in lieu of $3,000 bond. Both charges are misdemeanors.

UGA Police Chief Jimmy Williamson told the AJC this morning that the arrest came after a vehicle driven by Ealey collided with a parked truck in an East Campus parking deck.

“Parking Services employees witnessed the accident, made contact with the driver and advised him to wait because police had been called,” Williamson said. “The driver advised he could not wait and left the scene” after parking the car.

Williamson said that after officers arrived and ran the tag number on the 2004 Impala, officers went to the dorm room of the vehicle’s registered owner. The owner, whom Williamson would not name, said he hadn’t been driving the car but that his roommate — Ealey — had. Ealey was then interviewed by police.

“He admitted to driving the vehicle, admitted to being involved in an accident,” Williamson said.

I wonder if Ealey had even told his bunk mate about the accident at that point. College kids will do stupid shit but you have to think to yourself "what the hell Ealey was thinking about when he drove away knowing people had witnessed the accident?" Hopefully he can show the same ability to hit a gap and run away from defenders this fall. If anything Ealey has earned a new nickname: "The Impala."

My guess is Richt will give "The Impala" a one or two game suspension. Probably one since South Carolina looms in week 2.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


The SEC is the elite conference in all of college football. There is no debate. Just stop before you even try to argue. The conference has won the last 4 National Championships with three different teams (LSU, Florida, and Alabama) and one could argue Auburn got fucked in 2004. This year will be no different in terms of domination by the conference as a whole. Alabama and Florida are ranked in the top 5 preseason in most people's polls and even the poon dominates in the South. It's big boy football with the best athletes and the best coaches with the best fans. It's not just a football game for SEC fans. It's a religion.


ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE-Bama claimed their 76th National Title (really they have 8 legit championships but their program considers) last year by laying a whooping on Texas in the BCS Title game. They have the returning Heisman winner in Mark Ingram and a great 1B option in Trent Richardson if Ingram goes down. Greg McElroy isn't great but he is consistent and honestly all he needs to do is not fuck up. Bama and Nick Saban come in this season with a huge target on their back. Can they live up to all the expectations as the defending champs? Hard to say especially when you have just 2 returning starters on defense. Plus throw in the fact that their final 6 SEC opponents have a week off before they face the Tide which makes running the gauntlet even tougher.

FLORIDA GATORS-No more Tim Tebow but that won't necessarily be a bad thing. New Qb John Brantley will thrive in Urban's spread offense. He might not have the legs or drive of Tebow but he has a better arm and is more accurate. The Gators will actually put up more points on the board this year. What separates the Gators from other teams is their outstanding line play on both sides of the ball. Right now it looks like they are the best at both in the SEC despite losing Xavier Nixon and Matt Patchan. The defense is exploding with NFL talent and they have depth. The Gators are going to be nasty folks. Sorry Georgia fans.


AUBURN TIGERS-Don't be shocked to see the Tigers 11-0 going into the Iron Bowl. Florida transfer QB Cam Newton is done stealing laptops and is now ready to blossom to his 5 star recruit hype. He will be working behind one of the best offensive lines in the SEC led by All-American tackle Lee Ziemba. Ben Tate is gone but Auburn just reloads at tailback. This year expect big things from senior RB Mario Fannin. He is due for a huge breakout season. I had my doubts with coach Gene Chizik when he was hired as did most of the Auburn faithful but he went above and beyond last year. They almost beat Alabama and Georgia which would have given them 10 wins. Auburn takes a big step up this year and contends for the SEC West with Bama.

ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS-Bobby the snake Petrino has his deepest and most talented team so far in Fayetteville. They have one of the best QB's in the game with Ryan Mallett and their offense returns nearly everyone. They will score a shitload of points. But what separates the good teams from the great teams is defense and I don't see one in Arkansas. I expect a lot of 42-31 games this year. They can win 10 games and could beat Bama at home but they got at least two SEC losses in them.

GEORGIA BULLDOGS-No more Joe Cox. You can breath easy Dawg fans. Now it's time for Team Murray. Here is what you should expect this season between the Hedges...

Don't worry, they aren't Australian. They are from New Zealand. New QB Aaron Murray will be playing behind one of the nation's best offensive lines this season and has two good running backs in Caleb King and "The Impala." If he does get in trouble he can throw it to the best receiver in the college game in A.J. Green. Georgia's offense should be much better but what about the defense? The front 7 should be good but the secondary could be horrible. They don't have their usual badass safety ready to rip heads off. The special teams will be excellent and it will help them win a lot of close games. Georgia will be better than last season but they are still far off from competing with Florida. I see 9 possibly 10 wins.

SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS-The Ole Ball Coach has his best team yet in Columbia. They return 16 starters and will have one of the best defenses in the nation. If Stephen Garcia steps up and puts the baby bottle down then big things could be looming for the Cocks. Perhaps bulging. They get Georgia, Bama, Tennessee and Arkansas all at home. I think they could win 3 of 4 at best. Auburn and Florida on the road will take perfect games. The Cocks won't go undefeated by any means but they could win double digit games which happens..well...never.

LSU TIGERS-LSU is only 8-9 in their last 17 SEC games. Could they continue to slide with "The Hat?" Yes and no. Talent wise LSU is right up there with any team in the country. They don't let players get out of Louisiana and they use to win games by controlling the line of scrimmage. I'm not so sure they can do that on defense or on offense. Plus Les Miles is do for at least 5 fuckups that kharma will not be so kind to him this season. The Bayou Bengals won't beat Florida, Alabama or Auburn. Fuck it. Go root for the Saints.


The ugliest uniforms in the college game. Worse than Oregon. The Vols are going to struggle mightily this season under new coach Derek Dooley. This is what happens when you hire a dickturd like Lane Kiffin. You get shit all over you when he leaves.

OLE MISS REBELS-Houston Nutt only has 10 returning starters. Jevan Snead is gone which should make them instantly better. It won't. They lost Dexter McCluster who was probably the most underrated player in college football last season. He literally carried Ole Miss all season.


MISSISSIPPI STATE BULLDOGS-Dan Mullen has them on the right track but still, it's fucking Miss State.

KENTUCKY WILDCATS-Hoops season can't come soon enough for the Wildcats.

VANDERBILT COMMODORES-Vandy was 0-8 in the SEC last year. Their coach quit on them already. It's going to be ugly.

BEST GAME: FLORIDA AT ALABAMA (October 2nd)-It doesn't get any better than this. Florida will look to avenge an ass kicking by Bama in the SEC Championship. Whoever wins this game is more than likely in the BCS Title game.

WORST GAME: GEORGIA STATE AT ALABAMA (November 18th)-Alabama should be ashamed of themselves for scheduling this joke of a game. Georgia State has never even played a down of football...ever. And yet the defending champs scheduled the Bill Curry led Panthers (famous alums include myself) for a home game on Thursday night. This will get ugly. Very ugly.

MOST OVERRATED GAME: TENNESSEE AT GEORGIA (October 9th)-Besides the Hob-Nailed boot game there hasn't been any close battles in this rivalry. In fact nobody really cares two shits about this game outside of those two states.

BEST OFFENSIVE PLAYER: Georgia WR A.J. Green is the best receiver in the college game. Mark Ingram may have a Heisman but the Green Machine is a better player.

BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER: LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson is the best at his position in the college game and will be a high draft in the NFL. He's about as lock down as they come.

BEST FRESHMAN: South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore was the #1 rated prep running back last year and will start immediately in Columbia.

MOST LIKELY TO GET ARRESTED: Washaun "The Impala" Ealey...oh wait that just happened. I'm going to say a Gator since they are always a safe bet. Will Hill would be my guess. No particular reason.

MOST LIKELY TO BE FIRED: I don't see anybody getting fired but I could see Steve Spurrier stepping down after this season. The Ole Ball Coach might not have a lot left in the tank especially if the Gamecocks struggle this year.

PLAYER WHO WILL BE BETTER THAN WHAT PEOPLE THINK: I got this sick feeling in my stomach that Florida QB John Brantley is going to tear up the SEC.

DOESN'T MAKE SENSE AWARD: For a program with as much tradition and history as Tennessee it really doesn't make sense that Derek Dooley will now be their third head coach in as many seasons. The Vols could be awful this year. You can thank the previous two coaches.

The Florida Gators. Urban Meyer will have this team ready especially with the absolute incredible stock of talent they have all over the field. Alabama will be damn good too but I think the Gators have the slight edge on the lines of scrimmage. I don't expect an undefeated season from the Gators but I do expect them to make it to their 3rd BCS Title game in 5 years.


I honestly had no fucking clue these even existed. Fire fucking tornadoes? This is just another sign the Apocalypse is right around the corner. The Mayans were right! Now everybody go bat shit crazy and give me all of your land and possessions because in two years it will all be gone anyways. You hear me Peter Angelos? Go ahead and sell me the Baltimore Orioles for $1. I can cover it. I'm pretty sure I can find some loose change in between my car seats.

Video via BarStoolSports

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


If you didn't already love Brian Kelly enough with the way he is changing the culture at Notre Dame (a team with heart) then you have to love the fact he just told NBC to shorten the commercial breaks and they agreed.

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly doesn't want anybody or anything slowing down the Fighting Irish or his spread formation -- one that worked so well in his previous stop at Cincinnati -- and that includes NBC, the network that's had a contract with Notre Dame since 1991.

Kelly said he and athletic director Jack Swarbrick have had conversations with NBC officials about how coverage plans will work with the Irish's up-tempo style, which is basically hurry-up, no-huddle.

"We've talked to NBC about the way we like to play the game versus maybe how it was played in the past," Kelly said Tuesday. "There is certainly a need for us to address it and I think we're working with NBC to make certain that they get what they need from an advertising standpoint. But, also as the network that carries Notre Dame, that we're able to do things we need to do as well."

In response, NBC plans to have five shorter breaks per quarter this season, rather than four longer ones, during Notre Dame games, a format that is used for NFL games.

Thank the fucking tv network lords! Nothing ruins momentum in football games like television timeouts. Especially the ridiculous 3-5 minute timeouts NBC has during Notre Dame football games. I have this gut feeling Notre Dame is going to be putting up 40 plus points regularly with this new offense. Kelly doesn't need prolonged TV timeouts fucking up the flow of the offense.

Now if they want to call a TV timeout when the opposition has the ball and momentum then by all means. I want home field network for a change. NBC can now go about fucking up late night television and not Notre Dame football.

NBC lawsuit coming in 3, 2, 1......


Like taken one off the fuggin noggin. Sky Sports soccer reporter Jessica Kastrop almost swallows her microphone after taking one in the back of the head. Big HT to Extra Mustard for this head's up play.

By the way Germany's Jessica is not too shabby. Here are a couple of pics to wet the palate...

And just to mess around here is a random German soccer team picture...


I had no idea girls like this existed in the Midwest. I thought they all flocked to either the South or California. I'm going to say this Indianapolis Colts fan might become an internet sensation real quick with this Youtube action. I wonder if Peyton Manning got a piece? Of course he did. He's the fucking quarterback with the rocket fire arm and the happy feet.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Now in stock we have a limited amount of Brian Kelly signed, framed and matted 8 x 10 "Play Like A Champion Today" signs from Steiner Sports. They retail for $125 but we have them on sale for $75. Get your Brian Kelly signature "Play Like A Champion Today" sign today!!! All signs come with a certificate of authenticity from Steiner Sports.

Monday, August 23, 2010


As you know college football polls this early don't mean shit except for bragging rights and arguments among your friends and enemies. With the release of the new AP College Football Poll I figured I would give you my uncensored initial reaction to all of the teams listed and even some who didn't make the cut.

1 Alabama (54) 0-0 1,491-The defending champs deserve the top spot with Hypesman winner Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson leading a potent running game. Bama will have a huge target on their back but their schedule is manageable with their two toughest games (Florida and Auburn) both at home. I still find it humorous they have a first year upstart program in Georgia State (my alma mater) on the schedule. I would be fucking embarrassed to have this game on my schedule if I were the defending champs. I guess RISD or SCAD weren't available that Thursday.
2 Ohio State (3) 0-0 1,400-Terrelle Pryor can still go suck a fart out of my ass despite the compliments about to give him. He's going to have a huge season behind a line who will keep his uniform clean. If the Buckeyes get past a road game in Iowa in late November then they will be undefeated going into the bowl game.
3 Boise State (1) 0-0 1,336-The BCS fucking busters are back! I know people like to hate on the Broncos because of the blue turf and the fact that they play in a shit conference but it's not their fault. They will play anybody anywhere but schools are afraid of them. They win BCS Bowl games when they shouldn't. They are fucking good so deal with it and yes they deserve to be ranked this high. They got out of conference games with Virginia Tech and Oregon State. If they win both then they go undefeated. I will be rooting for them. Gotta root for the little guys!
4 Florida 0-0 1,237-Ruh fucking roh. No more God at quarterback for the once invincible Gators. Brantley will step in and do well but he isn't a Tebow. He can't put them on his back and will them to virginity. Actually as much as I don't like the Gaytors I gotta admit they look damn good on paper. It wouldn't surprise me if they ran the table. But then again it also wouldn't be shocking if they lost 3 games this year.
5 Texas (1) 0-0 1,223-The Longhorns are overrated. There I said it. No Colt McCoy and a pedestrian running game is going to hurt them big time. The defense is nothing to write about either. They are a top 15 team but not top 5 this year.
6 TCU 0-0 1,160-TCU should be top 5. They are basically bringing back everybody except Jerry Hughes on both sides of the ball. Their defense will once again dominate and I would love to see the Horned Frogs go undefeated once again in the regular season. I think it would be great for college football if both TCU and Boise State go undefeated again and face off in a BCS game. This time for the whole kahuna.
7 Oklahoma (1) 0-0 1,104-Mark it down now: QB Landry Jones will be a Heisman finalist which means I think the Sooners go nearly undefeated. The Sooners are going to explode on offense this season and Landry will put up Sam Bradford-type numbers. Oklahoma will be the best team by far in the Big 12 this season.
8 Nebraska 0-0 1,033-Not feeling it for Nebraska this year. I know everyone is hot on Bo Pelini's balls and I get it but I think they will struggle on defense without Suh plus they lost Dillard and Asante. Zac Lee comes back but he sucks. The offense blows really. They will lose at least 3 games.
9 Iowa 0-0 1,007-Adrian Clayborn could be the best defensive player in the nation. Ricky Stanzi should have a good senior season if he stays healthy behind a green offensive line. The Hawkeyes have the pieces to win the Big Ten. Will they do it? Probably not but this 9 ranking seems about right.
10 Virginia Tech 0-0 973-The Hokies are the new FSU. Every year the pollsters rank them way above their actual skill level. Don't get me wrong, Frank Beamer runs a hell of a program. But the Hokies are not a top 10 team. I would have them around late teens. I say this because I honestly can't remember the Hokies ever winning a huge game.
11 Oregon 0-0 870-The pollsters put Oregon up here because they felt they needed at least one PAC-10 team sniffing the top 10. I still can't get over how pathetic they looked last year in the Rose Bowl against a good but not great Ohio State team. Yeah I know the Trojans are down and Oregon kicked the shit out of them but I'm not feeling the Ducks this year. Masoli is gone and maybe that is a good thing but I don't see this team doing big things in 2010.
12 Wisconsin 0-0 822-Don't laugh but the Badgers could win the Big Ten this season. They get the Buckeyes in Madison and I could see John "Big Play" Clay having a Heisman worthy game. The Badgers are sleepers and deserve this spot.
13 Miami (FL) 0-0 785-Fuck the Canes. Seriously I don't even want to fucking talk about them.
14 USC 0-0 590-FUSC. This is going to be exactly like when Michigan hired DickRod for their head coach. Lane Kiffin is going to be a miserable failure. They got talent but they don't have leadership or heart. Plus they are on probation so they can't even go to a bowl game for the next two seasons.
15 Pittsburgh 0-0 516-The Stache will have the Panthers in a BCS game. Probably the Fiesta. Why? Dion Lewis is incredible and the Big East blows without Brian Kelly in it.
16 Georgia Tech 0-0 511-If the defense steps up then Tech could be a sleeper with Nesbitt back at QB. I have serious doubts with both of those scenarios although Paul Johnson could give two shits what I think. In fact he probably revels in the Tech being the underdog camp this season. I still can't shake the thoughts of how bad they have looked the last two bowl games. They got worked. Dominated. Johnson has his work cut out for him.
17 Arkansas 0-0 496-Ryan Mallett maybe the best QB in the nation. Arkansas could shock some teams this year with their offense but I still have a hard time writing anything positive about a team led by Bobby Petrino. That guy is a fucking shitbird coward. Ah, now I feel better.
18 North Carolina 0-0 397-Great defense. Horrible offense. They get any kind of running game going they could be good. I mean really good.
19 Penn State 0-0 382-Blah blah blah storm troopers blah blah Joe Pa blah blah blah Happy Valley blah blah...oh seriously who gives a fuck about Penn State?
20 Florida State 0-0 379-What a shocker! The pollsters put FSU in the top 25. Have fun at the Music City Bowl.
21 LSU 0-0 300-I have a scary feeling about this team this year. Either it's going to be really good or really bad. Right now I'm leaning towards good. QB's Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee should be fun to watch as they mix and match different games behind center.
22 Auburn 0-0 296-The SEC is so fucking loaded it's sickening. Auburn looks like a team on the rise with new transfer QB Cam Newton bringing his 5 star talent to the War Eagles. Unfortunately for Auburn they play in the SEC and they have to face Alabama in Tuscaloosa. It's a good team but not a great team. 22 seems about right.
23 Georgia 0-0 206-The Dawgs have 10 starters back on offense. The only problem is the one new guy is the QB in Aaron Murray. The redshirt freshman will play behind an experienced and perhaps one of the best lines in the country. I think he will do an OK job. The running game should excel but the question is can the defense stop anybody? Last year they couldn't and it cost Willie Martinez his job. Florida and Tennessee fucking killed them. This ranking seems about right. Coach Mark Richt has his work cut out for him.
24 Oregon State 0-0 198-Mike Riley could be the best coach in the PAC-10. No bull shit. Jacquizz "Why Don't you get a real fucking name" Rogers is a little pinball who brings back memories of Darren Sproles at Kansas State. They look like a 8-9 win team this year. Good for them for having the balls to schedule TCU and Boise State.
25 West Virginia 0-0 184-It seems like Noel Devine has been in college for two decades now. They should be fun to watch this year and yes they got a shot at making a BCS game because of their conference.

Ok, where the fuck is Notre Dame? Everyone knows Brian Kelly is going to come in and lead the Fighting Irish to an undefeated season. I mean he did it at Cincinnati why can't he do it immediately at Notre Dame?

I apologize. That was the irrational Notre Dame fan coming out of me. Right now I'm glad they aren't ranked because they don't deserve it. Not after the last 3 seasons. They got to prove it to themselves before they prove it to the voters that they deserve a top 25 rankings. Granted if they were wearing a tomahawk on their helmet they would probably be top 10 preseason but that is neither here nor there. Notre Dame is going to shock the masses this year in a good way. They will win 10 games. The offense will be nearly unstoppable. The defense will be suspect. More importantly they will be heading in the right direction: preseason top 5 in 2011. Yep, I said it.

Friday, August 20, 2010


SPORTSPICKLE.COM came out with this comparison of teams and their high school equivalents...


I am trying my hardest to avoid the whole "un retired quarterback who wears Wranglers in Minnesota" story so I figured Jimmy Kimmel's This Week In Censorship could say it for me. Plus I don't want to talk about the dickhead who just got indicted for perjury either so I will be a lazy fuck as usual and leave you with this outstanding censorship video. Laugh it up fuckers.

Video via ExtraMustard

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Full flip off a 10 meter platform into a pool with pants and collared shirt on surrounded by your Georgia players is impressive. Could you imagine if Charlie Weis did this? The pool would be half empty. Probably would change the Earth's rotation a little bit. Urban Meyer just had an anxiety attack watching this. No worries though since he will be back to coaching and crushing Georgia again in less than 3 months.

Video via TheBigLead


I honestly had no idea Bulls could be so athletic. Clearly this is the Jordan of Spaniard Bulls. I think I even saw the tongue waging out as he jumped the fence. I wonder if it has a gambling problem?

Video via Deadspin


HBO's Hard Knocks with the New York Jets again delivered some unintentional comedy. New Jet cornerback Antonio Cromartie tried to recall the 7 kids he has fathered. It's gotta be difficult when there are 6 baby mama's and they live in 5 different states. My head would be spinning if at the age of 26 I had to support 7 kids already. TLC needs to give Cromartie his own show. I'm sure he has at least 2 more on the way.

The funniest line in last night's show came from LB Bart Scott. They were talking about how rookie RB Joe McKnight from USC was struggling to focus on the little details and wasn't picking up his assignments on a lot of the plays. Scott busted out "I would be too if I knew I was taking a pay cut coming out of college!" Scott just made All-Pro in my book.

Possible Cromartie edit: I've been told he has 8 kids now with 7 different women. I'm not sure how to confirm this and I doubt Antonio can either.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


17 days and we get to the first Saturday in the Fall otherwise known as Christmas for this college football fan. There is so much anticipation for the season I feel like I'm going to shit out a brick of gold. Notre Dame takes on Purdue in what hopefully will be a blowout. Yeah I know Notre Dame has been everything but blowing out teams the past 3 seasons but Purdue fucking blows. QB Dayne Crist will make his starting debut and should tear up a porous Boilermakers defense behind the new spread attack. I expect to see some Wildcat formations with Armando Allen, Theo Riddick, and even TE Kyle Rudolph getting some snaps behind center. The offense no doubt will score a shitload of points but can the defense stop anybody? They better.

Don't make me go off like Alabama fan Ricky did last year...


"The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!"

"They're going crazy! They're going crazy!...I don't believe it! I don't believe it!"

Baseball great Bobby Thompson passed away on Monday at the age of 86 in Savannah, GA. He will be remembered for the famous call above with his game winning 1951 home run to clinch the National League pennant for the then New York Giants.

RIP Bobby Thompson.



Dear Frank Wren, WTH?!?!?

In an effort to somehow improve the Braves, Frank Wren is heavily rumored to be pursuing a trade for... wait for it... wait for it... Derrek Lee!!!

Photo Courtesy of Cubs Photos Admin

Derrek Lee?!?!?!? No offense to Lee, Wren, the Braves, or anyone else in the deal, but WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!?!?

If anyone can get this to Wren, please forward and let him know I'm begging him not to do it. If you're going to go for a 1st baseman, Adam Laroche has been on the market all season. We know he's a second half hitter and he's tearing it up. Regardless, make the smart move. Go after Manny (hopeless dream of mine) and Manny-topia to the ATL!

We don't need a 1st baseman. We need a 3rd baseman or a solid power hitting outfielder. If you want to make a move for the future, Vernon Wells, Carl Crawford, B.J. Upton, or (as Matty Ice pointed out) Nick Markakis makes a ton more sense and would set the Bravos up for the future without giving away what remains of the farm system for a half year rental player. Besides, Derrek Lee is hardly the answer to Ryan Howard when we're head to head against the Phillies.

If you're going to pick up another hitter, do it right. It's Bobby's last season, go big or go home! The Braves are having too special of a season to go home. If I'm the Cubs, I'm selling as soon as possible. Lee WAS a great 1st baseman. Lee IS not even producing as Chipper nor Troy Glaus has been this season.

I agree completely with Mark Bradley of the AJC (article can be found here and below) so from one blogger to another, 'atta boy!

Another day, another rumored trade. Earlier this week word circulated that the Braves wanted Aramis Ramirez, who’s a third baseman for the Cubs. That was shot down because Ramirez is due to make $14.6 million next season, essentially the same as Chipper Jones, who plans to be back at third base in 2011. (Read Mark Bowman’s nuanced post on for the reasons why this rumor never had a prayer of becoming reality.)

But now we move across the Cubbies’ infield. Derrek Lee is the first baseman. He used to be really good. He’s not as good now, but he’s still OK. He also has a bad back.He’s a free agent at season’s end, which means he’d be a rental. (And yet another bridge to Freddie Freeman.)

According to Chicago blogger David Kaplan: “The deal that would send Lee to the Braves has not yet been finalized but MLB sources characterize the trade as nearly done.”

Lee has a no-trade clause and spurned a move to the Angels last month. From Kaplan: “Sources close to Lee tell us that he will approve a deal to Atlanta because the Braves are leading their division.”

Another factor: As Bruce Levine of ESPN Chicago notes, Lee “is out until at least Thursday [after receiving] an epidural shot in his back on Monday to relieve the pain.”

One thing more: Lee hit four homers over the weekend against the Cardinals. That gives him 16 for the season, with 56 RBI’s. Troy Glaus, whom Lee would presumably supplant, has 16 homers and 70 RBI’s and owns a higher on-base percentage.

If the Braves are to make a deal before September — and a player has to be on the roster by Sept. 1 to be eligible for the postseason — Lee makes as much sense as anybody. He has playoff experience. (He was the first baseman on the Marlins’ World Series-winning team of 2003.) He wouldn’t tie up salary beyond November. But I’m a bit uneasy about the wisdom of plugging in one creaky first baseman for another.

Then again, I’m easily rendered uneasy. So maybe I’m not the best gauge.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


If you are a Notre Dame fan then this new NBC trailer for the upcoming season should get your heart pumping. New head coach Brian Kelly will win at least 9 games this season. Mark it down. Of course Ty Willingham and Charlie Weis both won big in their first season under the Golden Dome so what does Kelly need to change to make sure he doesn't "fail" like his predecessors?

Passion and defense. It's been awhile since Notre Dame came out and actually punished people. Their defense has been "soft" for over a decade. Will it change this year? Hard to say.

The strength of the defense should no doubt be the linebackers. Inside guys Manti Te'o and Anthony McDonald are two extremely athletic linebackers with a nose for the football. Te'o will be an All-American. The guy is a freak of nature warrior who not only tackles people but takes their souls.

Te'o returns as an experienced sophomore who got plenty of pops in his freshman season. McDonald on the other hand is a junior who saw limited action last year after redshirting his freshman season. McDonald has been nothing short of reliable so far in camp and appears to have beaten out Carlo Calabrese (the Italian Stallion) for co-head hunter with the Hawaiian Hitman. Both Te'o and McDonald should be a joy for ND fans to watch this year. Think of Stonebreaker, Stams, and Pritchett and how they swarmed and killed people back in the late 80's. That is what Te'o and McDonald have to do to put the fear back into the opposition.

The outside linebackers consist of returning starter Brian Smith (prediction: honorable All-American for the 4 year starter), rising junior Steve Filer (the Freak), Darius Fleming (8 plus sacks this season), and senior Kerry Neal. All 4 of these guys were highly touted 4 star prospects coming out of high school and for the most part have not lived up to their billing. I wouldn't so much as blame on them as I would the old staff. Under Jon Tenuta and Corwin Brown the defense was a clusterfuck full of origami puppets. No one knew where to be or how to react. Were they a 3-4 defense or a 4-3 defense? New defensive coordinator Bob Diaco installed the 3-4 and plans to stick with it. Thank Touchdown Jesus!

The key of course to any defense is the ability of the defensive line to penetrate and take on blockers to free up your linebackers to make big plays. And this is where Notre Dame could get burned. They don't have a Chris Zorich or a Bryant Young to plug the middle. They missed out on guys on the recruiting trail like Omar Hunter, Justin Trattou, Chris Martin, and Gerald McCoy at the last moment. But make no mistake they return plenty of starting talent in Kapron Lewis-Moore, Ethan Johnson, and Ian Williams. Kap and Johnson should be ready to blossom as true juniors. Both have had their moments but the Irish will need more consistency and disruption to make the defense excel. Williams is a returning 2/3 year starter at nose tackle who should have an excellent senior season. The Irish are going to need all 3 of these guys to go above and beyond because simply the Irish don't have a ton of talented depth on the line. They got bodies but they don't have the talent the SEC teams and Texas and USC's regularly shuffle in and out during the game.

The secondary is going to be good. I have no doubt. Cornerbacks Gary Gray, Darrin Walls, and Robert Blanton are all capable of "locking down" receivers and as upperclassmen no the lay of the land. Most programs would kill to have one or two of these guys. Notre Dame has three. The safety position is led by breakout star Jamoris "Man" Slaughter. I watched Slaughter crush skulls while playing at Tucker high school down here in Atlanta and there is a reason why every big time program wanted him. The kid is simply a player. He has the 6th sense of knowing where the ball is going to go and then either laying down a devastating hit or intercepting a pass. Why the previous staff moved him to cornerback made little sense to me. Now he is at his natural position and he should be the last line of defense which is great news if you are a Notre Dame fan. He has the speed to not get burned deep. Harrison Smith is a returning senior who's career has been enigmatic to say the least. Harrison might have most god given talent on the defensive roster but it's what's between the ears which has held him back. I'm putting my confidence in the new staff with his switch back to safety (he played some linebacker) and have hope they finally unleash the beast within. Harrison had offers from Alabama, Auburn, and Tennessee who all saw him as a future star. He can still be that guy his senior season. If not then sophomore Zeke "And Destroy" Motta will be more than capable of filling in.

The defense as a whole has a ton of elite starting talent. The question remains through a grueling season do the Irish have enough depth to stop the other teams? I'm not sure yet. The defense was horrific during the 5 years of the Weis Era. If the Kelly Era is to be a success (BCS Bowl Game WINS) then he is going to need to develop a defense with some passion who is proactive instead of reactive. Time will tell.

Zach Lee... a Tiger... no a Dodger... Geauxtcha!

Hey LSWho fans, Zach Lee will not be your quarterback after all. The Dodgers made the "unsignable" 28th pick in this year's draft an offer he couldn't refuse. Who can blame Lee and his family? I'd take the $5.25 million signing bonus. Congrats Zach!

I know the pictures is from '04, but I couldn't resist. I'm glad we don't have to face you on Saturdays in the fall! Less than 18 days until Christmas, I mean college football season! GOOOOOOOOOOO DAWGS!!!

Hitting Jesus + Pitching Jesus = same old Nationals

After all of the drama, the Nationals signed Bryce Harper to a 5 year, $9.9 million dollar contract. Congratulations Nats! Let's focus on reality. Strasburg has shown himself to be a very good pitcher, but still beatable and Harper has all the tools to be an amazing hitter, but can you count on 1 pitcher and 1 hitter to revive a franchise? The Phillies couldn't, the Yankees couldn't, the Braves couldn't, the Red Sox couldn't, why would the Nationals?

Unlike tennis, baseball is a team sport. No crap right?!? Strasburg pitches 1 out of every 5 starts. To be successful, a team needs a 1 - 2 punch, at a minimum, with at least a decent bullpen to back them up. The Nats have a 1 - ?. The bullpen has looked good with Tyler Clippard and Drew Storen, who has ridiculous potential by the way, but over the course of a season, you can not count on 2 bullpen arms to get you through.

In a line-up, there are 9 hitters. Someone has to get on base, someone has to drive them in. There are power hitters, there are role players, and there are clutch hitters. Ryan Zimmerman is an excellent hitter, fielder, and leader, but if the Nationals lose Dunn, who else is going to hit on the team? A line up with Dunn, Zimmerman, and Harper would look good, but outside of those three, who scares you as a pitcher? Who are the role players? Who is going to get on base?

While Strasburg and Harper are true one of a kind talents with an almost limitless amount of potential, the Nationals still need to understand the team concept and focus on building a foundation of players that can win as a team, not creating a scenario where they are just likely to win every fifth day and likely to get at least 2 hits a game from Harper. I commend them for starting somewhere, but you don't rest the hope of your entire franchise on 1 player. Just ask the Cleveland fans about Lebron. If the King himself can't win a championship on a team of five, how will a possible prince carry a team of 9 to the holy land?

While I wish these guys all the best and am thrilled to know that the Nationals are working hard on turning around a franchise that hasn't been good since the Andre Dawson days, it's going to take more than 2 kids to consistently win in a division that is getting better and better as a whole.

Regardless, congratulations Mr. Harper. I look forward to seeing your career and watching the Bravos beat up on the Nationals regularly for the foreseeable future. Yea, I'm biased, I know.

On another note, congratulations to one of GA's own, Kaleb Cowart out of Adel, GA. Kaleb signed last night at the last hour with the Los Angeles Angels. The 18th overall pick in this year's draft and the 2009 - 2010 Gatorade National Player of the Year award winner signed as a pitcher and has been clocked as high as 97 MPH in high school. I know your family is proud and I wish you all of the best.

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