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Thursday, October 23, 2008


As a Notre Dame fan I can't wait till Saturday night to see the Fighting Irish storm the field at Husky Stadium to take on the winless Washington Huskies. As the "molder of young men" who was once ND's coach and now stares with his stupid fucking blank purple and gold expression on the UDUB sidelines I must admit I can't help but become giddy at the prospect of destroying Ty Willingham and forcing his termination. So many people in the media cried wolf when he was fired from Notre Dame including Mark May, John Saunders, and some douchebag writer at CBSSportsline who's name I have forgotten. They cried racism when anybody with a functional frontal lobe knew it had nothing to do with race and everything to do with the lack of wins both on the field and in the recruiting trail.

A blowout win for the Irish is inevitable and it will force those pundits in the media to admit they were wrong. They won't admit it on air or in print but they will do it within themselves and realize at 0-7 with a best case scenario of winning 1 game all season that Willingham has made Washington irrelevant. In other words exactly where he was taking Notre Dame with his lack of recruiting and his inability to make halftime adjustments or make coaching changes within his own staff. He appears to be doing his usual stand up job of not recruiting by landing 4 guys, none of them ranked above 3 stars, with a little more than 3 months till signing day. I'm sure his golf swing is immaculate though.

I could go on and make fun of Losingham all day but I figured why should I do it when his current players can do it for me...


If some of you haven't noticed Texas A&M football is sitting at 2-5 in Mike Sherman's first season. It hasn't been pretty but at least the, a site created by Aggies alums, can create some offbeat and often hilarious videos talking smack to their weekly opponent. This week they created the video for Iowa State and depict the team as a weed loving bunch who love to sniff glue while doing pretty much nothing in Ames, Iowa. In other words high school all over again.

Video HT: FanIQ