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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halfway Through... Picking Week 7

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We're halfway through the season and I'm not doing so bad. I'm 21 - 8 on the season and thinking hard about running the table the rest of the way. If only I could will my teams to win right? Thus far we've seen a great beginning to the season and though I'm not the happiest with my team's performance, I've been thrilled to see a lot of great game thus far and I'm looking forward to a great second half as well. This season will be extra special to me considering it's my son's first of many! This week, I'm going to start with my heart and proclaim UGA victors over Vanderbilt. Go Dawgs!!!

UGA vs. Vanderbilt
The Dawgs needed a win and they exploded in a big way. It's unfortunate that Athens' own Derek Dooley was the roadblock last week. The Dawgs debut a new UGA this week and hopefully hold their own during homecoming. Obviously you know I'm picking UGA over Vandy, but that's a given. What else would I do?!?!

UGA 31 Vandy 10

Ohio State vs Wisconsin
The road to the BCS National Championship was apparently clear for Ohio State but ESPN must have forgotten that Ohio State still has to play Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan. I think they have a much tougher road than say Boise State. I'm going to pick Wisconsin in the upset here. I think the Badgers have the D to beat the Suckeyes. If Ohio State doesn't fall here, the Hawkeyes and "Shoelace" will still be calling.

Wisconsin 17 Ohio State 14

Auburn vs Arkansas
The two best QBs in college football are going to have a shoot out and neither QB is in the Pac-10 of the Big 12. Cameron Newton, the 6'6 250 lb former Florida QB has all the tangibles and intangibles. He's a giant of a man and makes Jamarcus Russell's college game look like he was a middle school kid. I don't think there is a more valuable player to their team than Cam Newton and I think he has what it takes to lead Auburn to the SEC and National Championship, but Auburn is still waiting on a team to play around Newton. Mallett and the Razorbacks look good. The receiving corps around the 6'6 240 lb former Michigan QB is as good as it gets. This one is going to come down to who has the ball last. I think we are witnessing two future Pro Bowl QBs in the first of many battles of their careers, but this time I have a suspicion that Auburn is going to come out on top. I don't know where to cheer for the Tigers, War Eagles, or the Plainstriders, but I think the other team from Alabama has what it takes to tough out a shoot out.

Auburn 34 Arkansas 31

Iowa vs Michigan
"Shoelace" may lose more than his shoes against this tough Hawkeye D. Before last week, I would think he was automatic for 300 yards this week, but we know he's not Superman and we know the Hawkeyes are fast and strong. I'm just glad to know that the Little 11 is past a conference where only Michigan and Ohio State are relevant. Yes PsU fans, I forgot about you on purpose. You suck too.

Iowa 21 Michigan 14

Notre Dame vs Western Michigan
Notre Dame is going to win, period. Brian Kelly is looking good, Armando Allen will be a game time decision, but let's face it, he doesn't need to play for the Irish to win this one big. Tailer Jones going to ND over UGA still stings, but at least he picked a good school. Irish win it big.

ND 27 WMU 7