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Friday, August 31, 2007

SEC Poon: The Ultimate Recruiter
The fellas over at SECPoon have pointed out that Florida's Urban Meyer is using women to persuade superbad ass recruit LB Arthur Brown to the Swamp.

Wait a second, you are telling me Florida has more ass than Kansas where Brown is from? No way. Those Midwest chicks are well-fed no doubt but the more cushion for pushing the better right guys?

Guys? Hello guys? Oh fuck, who am I kidding? The reason why the SEC is god's gift to football is because of the poon.


Talk about getting knocked the fuck out...I feel for Smith because I have taken a hit like that. Not on the football field but by a cop when I told him to kiss my you know what. Yeah, for some reason cops don't like it when you talk to them like that, go figure.

The blood in your pee just means you tried really hard Zach.