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Monday, April 13, 2015

New Spring College Football Preseason Top 25

With most universities having their spring football games completed last week and this week I felt it was time to put out a 2015 Preseason Top 25.  This of course could change drastically with injuries, transfers, coaching changes, suspensions, and incoming freshmen making an impact.  Shit last season we all threw Ohio State in the recycling bin when QB Braxton Miller went down with an injury and they won the whole fucking thing.  So take this top 25 Preseason College Football with a tiny grain of salt...

1. Ohio State 
2. TCU
3. Alabama
4. Oregon
5. Baylor
6. Michigan State
7. Clemson
8. Florida State
9. Notre Dame
10. Georgia Tech
11. Oklahoma
12. Stanford
13. Auburn
14. Arizona
15. LSU
16. Georgia
17. Arizona State
18. Missouri
19. Mississippi
20. Boise State
21. UCLA
22. USC
23. Wisconsin
24. Kansas State
25. Arkansas

Some thoughts: With returning QBs and a lot of depth on both lines of the ball Ohio State and TCU are clearly the top 2 teams in the nation.  They are almost interchangeable but I put the Buckeyes first because of Urban Meyer and because they are the returning champs.  Of course TCU could have won the playoffs last year if the committee got them in but that is another argument.  Honestly the only reason why I have Bama and Oregon so high is because of their recent success.  I think both programs could be due for big let down seasons.  It kills me to put Michigan State so high but other than Ohio State I don't see anybody on their schedule beating them and QB Connor Cook should have a Heisman worthy season.  I got 4 straight ACC teams finishing out the top 10 in Clemson, FSU, Notre Dame and Georgia Tech.  ND returns the most starters while Clemson and FSU return the most talent.  Tech has Justin Thomas back and run an offense that is very hard to game plan against.  I'm not sold on either USC, Georgia, or UCLA as top 10 preseason teams as most prognosticators are.  UGA and UCLA have unproven commodities behind center and USC has Steve Sarkisian as their coach.  Stanford is due to bounce back in a big way.  I could see them winning the PAC 12 and I might regret having them ranked outside of the top 10.  One could also make a case that Arkansas, yes the Razorbacks, might be the best team in the SEC West this year and I got them barely in the top 25.

Tiger Woods Is Full Of Shit, Says a Hand Bone Popped Out but He Fixed It

Come on Eldrick.  We aren't your ex-wife.  You honestly think we are going to believe a bone popped out of your hand and you just "put it back in it's place?"  You must think we work at the local Huddle House.

Tiger shot a 73 yesterday.  He finished The Masters at -5 which is a hell of a lot better than I thought he would going into Augusta.  He did have some incredible vintage Tiger shots that gave you a glimmer of hope he could pull something off.  But he was awful off the tees all weekend.  I think he only hit about 15% of his fairways.

Of course Jordan Spieth stole the show tying a Masters record (and Tiger one of course) finishing at -18 and was the first golfer since Raymond Floyd in 1976 to lead all four rounds.  Spieth is only 21 years old and last year finished 2nd in his first ever appearance in Augusta.  The kid is legit and him and Rory McIlroy could build a classic rivalry for the next 20 plus years.

In other words Tiger may bring in more viewers but the game of golf is in great hands with some young superstars.