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Monday, January 06, 2014

Tim Tebow's ESPN Debut Was Not Gay At All

Good lord Jesse Palmer why don't you just get on your knees and suck him off while you are at it.  There is a good reason why Tim Tebow is a virgin.  His "homeostasis" radar is through the roof.  You went to your hotel room and had a circle jerk for 3 hours Tebow?  That's nice but please don't share that story ever again.  I need to go take a cold shower now because Tebow was straight fire.

By the way does anybody really think Auburn has a chance tonight?  On paper it looks like a total mismatch vs FSU but then again all 4 of the BCS games have been won by the underdog.  UCF was a 17 pt dog to Baylor and crushed them.  Oklahoma was a 16.5 point dog to Bama and throttled Saban and his crew.  Sparty was a touchdown dog to the Nerds and won the Rose Bowl.  And last but not least Clemson was 3 pt dogs to Ohio State and won the Orange Bowl.  So could Auburn pull a huge upset as 10 point dogs in Pasadena?  I just don't see it.  But then again no one thought War Eagle would even be near this game after a disastrous 3-9 season.

I just want to see a good game and see who Brent Musberger undresses with his eyes and words while giving so and so's girlfriend her long awaited 15 minutes of fame.  My money is on Johnny Football's latest road beef, Lauren Hanley.