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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Well, ESPN is up to their same old bullshit and trying to ruin sports for all of us. Read this wonderful article about the digging up of George Gipp's grave for "research" purposes. Seriously, read it before you read my response.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.



Must keep in anger. Hulk get mad.

Deep breath.

Okay, I want to know what the rest of the Sportscrack nation thinks about ESPN filming Gipp's body being exhumed for purposes of DNA testing. Whether you are a fan of Notre Dame or not, I would think most of you would cringe at the thought of somebody digging up a loved member of your family or friend for the purposes of exploiting it on television.

I've said it a million times and I think it bears repeating: ESPN AS A WHOLE IS A SOUL LESS PIECE OF CORPORATE SHITBAG WITHOUT ANY RESEMBLENCE OF MORALS OR INTEGRITY TO MANKIND. And this is coming from me, about as soul less as a human being could possibly be. If I think it is sick then I know some Holy Spirit or God is looking down and crossing off souls as we speak.

ESPN to me is more evil than Enron, Ticketmaster, and Barry Bonds put together. Ever since Disney bought them out they have become a horribly biased network covering sports with the purpose of making as much money off it while exploiting anybody in order to make a dime. It is what they are good at and yet we still watch their crap. If only Disney decided to leave sports alone then I'm sure the world would be a much better place instead of the Magical Kingdom of hell they have helped create.

I now wonder if ESPN is trying to dig up Knute Rockne's grave because they have good word from reliable sources that he might be a relative of Hitler who single handidly started the Great Depression with the purpose of destroying America. I think I read it on a rumor page.

R.I.P George Gipp. If only it could be that simple.


Clever, I must admit especially coming from a Boston College fan. It's Fredos right to talk trash since they have pretty much owned this series in terms of upsets.

But things are different this Saturday. Backup College comes in as the overwhelming favorite due to a Heisman worthy QB and an origami schedule made of false dreams and irrational thinking. For all intended purposes they should kick Notre Dame's ass.

The Irish have the worst offense in the nation statistically speaking and apparently BC has the Better Christians. So it should be over pretty quickly right?

I think it is about time for BC's dream season to come to an abrupt end. Time for a little community service to right all the wrongs this college football season has become....

BC=Second rate whores always after their money.