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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Les Miles Rips Gunner Kiel A Big One

The Mad Hatter didn't exactly take the high road when it came to his thoughts about Gunner Kiel, the five star quarterback, who decided to go to Notre Dame instead of LSU. I love Linda Cohn's reaction to it..."Wow." Yeah it's probably not the best idea to just crush high school kids for not picking your school. Next time if you are Les Miles you might just want to be happy for the kids who decided to play for you and not the one who got away.

Kate Upton Slow Motion Video

I imagine this would be what time would do if I actually met Kate Upton. Everything would just slow down as the cops handcuffed me and pulled my pants up. A man can dream right?

Cassanova McKinzy Picked Auburn Because They Have A Chick-Fil-A On Campus

Typical SEC football decision for a recruit. Forget about the dorms or the education or the girls. Nope for LB Cassanova McKinzy the reason why he picked Auburn over Clemson was because they had a Chick-Fil-A on campus. And while I will fully admit Chick-Fil-A is the shit and I pretty much eat there every other day I'm not sure if I'm going to pick a school because they have one on location. Nope. My choice would have been determined by the watering hole. Got to keep your priorities straight or you will end up like Deontay Greenberry and wake up this morning and realize you decided to play football at fucking Houston.

Sh*t People Say At A Super Bowl Party

Via HotClicks

Kenny Powers Is Back For A 3rd Season

Just a couple of more week bitches till Kenny Powers starts running his super star game on HBO's Eastbound and Down. It looks like they are bringing April back. Tatas for miles. With his new sidekick Shane played by Jason Sudeikis hopefully that doesn't mean we have less of Stevie Janowski. Stevie cracks me up pretty much every scene he is in.

Rumor is this will be the last season of Eastbound and Down. This better be a fucking god damn lie. The world needs more of Kenny Powers but it sounds like Danny McBride wants to ride off into the sunset. Don't be an asshole Danny. Kenny MuthaFukin Powers has at least a shelf life of 5 seasons. Make it happen.