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Monday, October 11, 2010


According to Esquire "Parenthood" actress and Derek Jeter's soon-to-be wife Minka Kelly is the sexiest woman alive. Kelly is just another unbelievable notch in the Jeter belt. The Yankees shortstop and soon to be baseball free agent has conquered Victoria Secret's model Adriana Lima, actress Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel (probably at the same time), singer Mariah Carey, Vida Guerra, Jordana Brewster, Tyra Banks, Vanessa Minnillo, and supposedly Scarlett Johansson before "settling" for Minka Kelly. I can't hate the playa in Jeter or the game. Instead of getting married in his 20's he did what all ball players should do: play the field and don't tie yourself down. The lesson is if you are rich and famous and on the road most of the year why tie yourself down to one girl? It doesn't make sense. Good for Jeter but he's still an a-hole.


As you already know Braves rookie second baseman Brooks "Rawdog" Conrad has had a rather rough NLDS. His three errors yesterday helped along with Jason K-Ward and Bobby Cox's over-managing to hand pivotal game three over to the San Francisco Giants. So instead of berating Conrad and calling the J-K Kid a piece of excrement and questioning Cox taking out Kimbrel when nobody has hit the kid all fucking season I would rather present to you some options for second base tonight for the Atlanta Braves.

In picture form of course.

1)A Paperbag

2)Helen Keller

3)A blind squirrel

4)Chuck Knoblauch

5)Bill Buckner

Conrad needs to sit

Images courtesy of Curtis Compton and the AJC
I understand Bobby Cox is looking to instill confidence in his players. That hasn't changed from day one and I doubt it will change on his last day, but now isn't the time to take the stand by your man mentality. Cox has said repeatedly, he will pitch to situations, he proved last night to hit to situations when he announced Glaus as a pinch hitter, only to pinch hit Hinske for Glaus which led to the should have been game tying home run. Why is he not taking the same mentality to the field? To say that the Braves don't have a capable replacement is absurd. Diory Hernandez is sitting on the bench and has been touted as one of the best gloves in the minor leagues. He's not going to do much damage offensively, but he's a lead off type hitter and he will make the plays at 2nd, SS, or 3rd.

Don't get me wrong, if Bobby plays Conrad, I will be cheering him on, just like I will the entire team. Tonight is make or break. Bobby has been at the helm and has a lot more knowledge of the game than anyone writing for this blog, but you would think after 3 errors last night and 4 errors, one in each of the last regular season games. I'm with the team in saying the Braves simply wouldn't be in the game without Conrad to this point, but they wouldn't have been here without Glaus who has been benched in favor of Derrek Lee and rookie Freddie Freeman throughout the end of the season. Tonight, Glaus needs to play 3rd or Hernandez needs to play 2nd. Something has to give. If it doesn't, we may be witnessing the end of Bobby Cox's illustrious career and saying a premature goodbye to a true legend.

Images courtesy of Curtis Compton and the AJC

Regardless of who plays, let's all at least turn on TBS today to support our team. Go BRAVES!!!