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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Texas A&M SECedes

Finally. I've been sick and tired listening to the talking heads on the sports radio blabber about Texas A&M leaving the Big 12 conference without anything actually happening. It's been like watching our Congress slowly grabass each others manpieces and talk about nothing or get anything accomplished. Now finally we have concrete proof that Texas A&M is going to the SEC Conference to play big boy football.

So the question is why the fuck would the Aggies, who are a perennial middle of the road Big 12 team, leave for a conference where they will get their asses kicked? Because make no mistake the Aggies are going to get curb stomped trying to play with the Big Boys in the SEC. It's going to happen. It will be ugly. And the answer in case you are wondering sunshine is because they are sick of being Texas whipping boy.

For shame Aggie Nation. So you got your feelings hurt by the Longhorns. Why don't you man the fuck up and try to beat their asses instead of running for the money? I thought you were home of the 12th Man and those big ass bonfires and those maroon Canadian Mounties you call corps of cadets.

I guess I'm suppose to say this is good for the SEC Conference but honestly I don't give a shit. I don't care about market share and revenue coming into their fucking conference. I just want to see football and adding the Aggies doesn't make me hard. Hell it doesn't even make it move. Schools like LSU, Alabama, Florida, etc. are going to use and abuse their agricultural and mechanical college of candy ass football.

Listen I understand the SEC wanted to add another school west of the Mississippi but it shouldn't have been the fucking Aggies. Now they gotta add a 14th team but all along they should have been going for Oklahoma and Texas. That would have been fucking awesome. Instead the SEC will get some College Station herpes reject and probably a stinkin Hokie a-hole.

Well woopityfukindo. Now let's play some football!