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Monday, February 07, 2011

Things are getting "Friend"ly at UGA

UGA officially hired Offensive Line Coach Will Friend from UAB. Can't say it much better than Watts Dantzler on Twitter, "Talked with new OL coach tonight! Great guy. Knew Richt would have a great hire! Can't wait till June 6! #godawgs #WD".
For more info on the "Friend"ly hire, check out the info from Seth Emerson's Bulldogs Blog below.

It's official: Will Friend has replaced Stacy Searels as Georgia's offensive line coach.

Here's a statement from head coach Mark Richt:

"Will has played and coached under some outstanding, nationally-recognized offensive coaches. He comes with a formidable resume of offensive football knowledge and experience. I got to see first hand his work ethic when he was a graduate assistant on our staff and since that time he's developed into a seasoned, top notch offensive line coach."

And here's a statement from Friend (whom you can read about in the previous blog post):

"I'm extremely excited about the opportunity to be the offensive line coach at Georgia. To have the chance to work with one of the top football programs in the country and with Coach Richt and the staff there is a tremendous opportunity for me. When I worked with Coach Richt and the staff as a grad assistant, I had a great experience and I always wondered if I might have the opportunity to come back to Athens. I am looking forward to getting to work."

UGA says Friend's title is just offensive line coach, so he apparently will not have the title of running game coordinator, as Searels did.

Further, check out the following stats regarding UAB's offensive line under Will Friend as quoted from Tim Tucker's UGA Sports Blog on the AJC.

Of the 120 FBS (formerly Division I-A) teams, UAB last season ranked 15th in fewest sacks allowed (12), 30th in total offense (423 yards per game), 24th in passing offense (267 yards per game) and 59th in rushing offense (156 yards per game).
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PItt(Pick Em) over West Virginia
The Panthers bring a 9-1 Big East record into Morgantown against their arch rivals. They call this backyard brawl. I just think it will be a good Big East game that will come down to the wire. I like Pitt here. They have a legitimate shot of winning the Big East and should come in focused tonight. I see Ashton Gibbs putting up 25 tonight.

Mizzou at Kansas (-11)
Pretty simple here. Kansas is the superior team. They are at home and this is suppose to be a rivalry game. Last year KU blew out Mizzou twice by double digits. I think Kansas is an even better all around team this season. The Morris twins will dominate in the paint and Kansas will cover the 11.



"If the glove don't fit you must acquit!"


It's awful enough that Chick-Fil-A isn't open on Sundays because of some Christian value but now they are running commercials saying happy people are gross? I love happy people and also find the Spicy Chicken Sandwich delicious. Can't we all just get along?


I think he is a Glee fan.


Brings back memories of driving down in Miami. I guess as long as you honk your horn you can pretty much drive over anybody you choose. In Egypt the police vans act like it's Tokyo Drift and just run over pro-democracy protesters. Just watching this video makes me appreciate living here and not there.


Click on the comic image to enlarge.

Image via Ebaum's World


I thought overall the Super Bowl commercials were lame. Some of the beer ones were good and I like the Volkswagon one with the kid playing Darth Vader but the other car commercials were terrible. Please stop with the Detroit made, you gotta buy American blah blah propaganda bull shit. Build something nice, affordable, and doesn't break down at 100,000 miles and I will start buying it. Honestly I have no right to knock American cars since I drive a Dodge Durango and before that I was a Jeep guy. I guess I'm a sucker when it comes to American built. On to the original subject at hand and that is Kim Kardashian's ass. Ok her Sketchers commercial. This was suppose to be controversial? So what if the guy is trying to pile drive her. Who wouldn't? Have we swung into the dark ages where you can't show some skin without people flipping out? Are we going to start cutting off cocks and sewing together 'ginas all because there might be a little sex involved with selling a product? Sex sells! Personally I was hoping to see the Kim K-Ray Jay video and then at the very end they could have superimposed some Sketchers on his cock or something. Now that would have been controversial.


Congratulations go out to Cheesehead Nation with the Green Bay Packers winning their 4th Super Bowl. I got my preseason prediction right with the Packers winning (got 8-to-1 odds at the time) so I won a little money. Unfortunately yesterday I picked the Steelers to win so I lost some money too. I should have stuck with the hot team. Oh well. You live and learn. I think a solid argument can be made for Aaron Rodgers being the best NFL quarterback in the game. I know Tom Brady swept the MVP votes by garnering all 50 and Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are great quarterbacks in their own right but if I had to pick one to be the face and leader of my franchise I would have to go with Rodgers.

Now with the NFL over hopefully they can get this collective bargaining agreement hammered out. No 18 game schedule owners. It's fucking dumb and irresponsible. No rookie salary cap either. The owners already make a shitload of money so stop being greedy and pay the players what they deserve. Usually I don't side with the player's union but in this case I'm all in for them.