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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Alshon Jeffery Goes "Big" on Sports Illustrated Cover

South Carolina's All-American wide receiver Alshon Jeffery makes only the second appearance ever for a Gamecock on the coveted SI cover and the first time in over 40 years. But enough with the distinction...what the hell happened to Jeffery? Did he eat Marcus Lattimore?

Jeffery is listed at 6-4 229 lbs but he has to be pushing 260 right now. He's more of a tight end then a slick wideout coming off a 88 catch season. If Jeffery wants to keep South Carolina in the top 10 of SI (the Gamecocks are overrated in my opinion) then he needs to do a shitload of stadiums and avoid the sticky sweet Carolina BBQ and cornbread.

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Further Proof Latina Chicks Are Nuts: Justin Bieber Freak Out

I have no idea what they are saying because I flunked Spanish but these tears are fucking hilarious. They are losing their shit because they couldn't get Justin Bieber tickets. Let that soak in for a while. Justin Bieber. A 16 year old kid. This is just another reason why you don't date a Mexican or any form of a Latina chick. They call it passion. I call it batshit crazy and they will cut you and take you for all you got if they even think you remotely fucked them over.

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