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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vinnie Verno Occupies Vegas with his Week 7 No Hippies Lock

Alabama -25 over Ole Miss - The Old Elephant Crap Game of the Year
Oklahoma State -7.5 over Texas - The Longhorns Suck Game of the Year
Hawaii -6.5 over San Jose State - The Hawaiian Massacre Part 3 Game of the Year
Toledo -7 over Bowling Green - The Life Savings Game of the Year
Utah State -3.5 over Fresno - The NBA Lockout Schmock Out Game of the Year

Vinnie has 5 blood baths with 5 massacres that will occupy Las Vegas with these picks. Bama and Okie State should shit all over their conference opponents this week. At this point the best teams have to run up the scores to get the voters attention. I've already lost money on Hawaii and Toledo so I'm not touching that shit with Ashton Kutcher's rawdogging cock. The final pick sounds right. Utah State is good and Fresno is fucking terrible. It won't save the NBA but honestly who gives a shit about the NBA?