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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Floyd Mayweather Punch-Out

I'm still not sure why anybody is pissed the Floyd Mayweather-PacMan fight on Saturday night was boring?  Have you not seen the first 47 "fights" MoneyMan participated in?  Mayweather may be undefeated and the ultimate bad guy but he is the most boring boxer I can ever remember watching.  I'm not saying he's a shitty boxer.  In fact he's a great tactical boxer.  He doesn't get hit and he lands a very high percentage of jabs.  The problem is he doesn't want to knock out guys because he doesn't have to.  He just wants to rack up the points and collect his $150 million.  If you paid $100 to watch the shitshow I don't feel bad for you.  You knew going in this was an overhyped, overpriced fight featuring two guys way past their prime.  In the end all you did was solidify Mayweather and his bankroll.