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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seth Macfarlane Nails His Ryan Lochte Impression On SNL

Yeah...athletes are dumb. But I agree with Lochte on one thing. That new show "Monkey Hospital" looks hilarious.

Vegas SportsBook Reaction to Controversial Golden Tate Touchdown Catch

I will be the first to admit the NFL has been a joke this season with the replacement referees butchering the games but I also have to admit this has already been one of the more entertaining NFL seasons that I can recall. Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate clearly committed an offensive pass interference that is rarely if ever called especially when it comes to a hail mary pass but I gotta love the two referees looking at one another and then agreeing to call opposite calls. Priceless.

I'm so glad I decided not to bet on this game. I was close to betting heavily on the Packers at -3. With the controversial TD the Seahawks won by 2. And Vegas erupted as expected. If you are a gambling man stay away from the NFL. The NFL is always uncertain but now with the replacement officials it's become chaos.

And just a FYI when I watched the play live I thought it was an interception but when they landed on the ground it looked to me that Golden had wrestled the ball away. If the Packers just bat the ball away we have no controversy.

Video via TheBigLead via Beyond The Bets