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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Notre Dame Beat The Odds

12-0.  #1 in the nation in both graduation rates and on the football field.  Notre Dame is the pinnacle of everything that is right with college football.  An elite academic institution that has proven you can win on and off the field by playing the right way and not cutting corners.

Go Irish!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bill O'Brien Calls His Penn State Players A "Bunch of Fuckers"

Stay classy State Penn.

Via Dave

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Limited Edition Shamrock Series Chicago Notre Dame 24K Gold Authentic Helmets For Sale

We got a limited edition of these Shamrock Series Chicago Notre Dame Game Model 24K Gold Helmets from Schutt for pre order.  These are authentic helmets but were never worn by the players at Soldier Field vs Miami.  Designed by Troy Lee Studios they take over 80 hours to create each helmet.

Overnight shipping starts December 19th and will arrive before Christmas.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Drunk Guy Wearing A Johnny Football Shirt Gets in Fisticuffs at New Orleans Airport

I would fight this drunk too.  Did you see that pathetic excuse for a Johnny Football shirt?  Good lord have some decency.  You are embarrassing yourself with that garbage t-shirt.  You are lucky you didn't  get tasered to death for having an awful sense of fashion.  Next time get the original and the best...

Video via Deadspin

Monday, November 12, 2012

Alabama Fan Flips Out During Lost To Texas A&M While Playing Call of Duty

Hahahaha.  I can almost taste his tears.  Just a complete meltdown while playing Call of Duty.  You know this Bama fan is still quivering inside his Mom's basement while pulling his hair out and muttering "Johnny Football."  The Aggies, a middle of the road Big 12 team the past 15 years, just wanted to thank Bama for their warm welcome to the mighty SEC Conference.  Manziel sends his love for the gracious hospitality.

Via BigLead via Good Bull Hunting

Big Handsome Basketball Shirt

We are taking pre orders now on the brand new original BIG HANDSOME t-shirt.  Big thanks go out to Jason for the idea.  We have Youth and Adult sizes available and shipping will start later this week!


Thursday, November 08, 2012

High School Football Play of the Year

In some dark alley Tyrone Prothro is shaking his head while sobbing into his old torn up Bama jersey "I could have been All-American!"

UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer Has Talent

Brittney Palmer is an UFC Octagon Girl which means she "entertains" the crowd between rounds of guys fighting each other in skin tight shorts which isn't gay at all by the way.  Essentially she holds a sign up saying what round it is.  That takes talent people.  And as you can see she has plenty of it.

Via TheBigLead

Louis Nix Doesn't Appreciate The Fat Comments

Louis Nix is a 340 lb starting nose guard for the undefeated Notre Dame Fighting Irish and has a personality and sense of humor almost as big as his bear claws for hands.  But don't call him "fat."

"One guy at Oklahoma called me fat and he was fat himself," Nix said.
"I didn't like that. In my mind we should stick together. We're both big guys, and you want to call me fat? I didn't like that." 

How can one argue with the self appointed "Irish Chocolate?"  There is no reason to call someone fat especially if you are in fact a chub.  It would be like myself calling someone out as pasty white or having a pencil dick.  Oh wait never mind.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Paulina Gretzky Isn't Obama's Biggest Fan Apparently

This is my fear of being a father to a daughter. The Great One already has to deal with the constant headache of his daughter Paulina twittering around with next to nothing on. Now Wayne will have to deal with the questions of Paulina giving the good old one fingered salute to an Obama puppet. And of course Paulina has to wear one of the skimpiest dresses ever made while doing it. A sex tape is surely in the cards. Gotta feel for the Great One. Pictures via TheBigLead

The Colorado Football Team Seemed Excited With The Election Results

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Johnny Football Shirt

The freshman sensation who has taken the college football landscape and SEC Country by storm goes by the name of Johnny Football.  Now you can show your maroon and white pride with this classic #JohnnyFootball shirt only available at

Taking pre orders now.  Shipping starts November 12th.  Limited quantities so order your Johnny Football Shirt today!

Happy Election Day!

Just remember everybody....your vote in the grand scheme of things doesn't mean shit.  But yeah have a good voting day!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Everett Golson Delivered In The Clutch

Down 20-6 in the fourth quarter to an unranked Pitt team, Notre Dame freshman QB Everett Golson pulled the improbable and led the Fighting Irish to a 29-26 triple overtime victory to keep ND undefeated.

With the close win ND dropped to 4th in the BCS standings with Oregon moving up to 3rd after a win at USC.  #1 remains the same with Alabama pulling off another improbable win on the road at Death Valley with a last minute win after some questionable calls by LSU head coach Les Miles.  KState remains at #2 with another decisive victory over Okie State.  The game did have some consequences though with Heisman frontrunner Collin Klein going down with a concussion.  Will he play this week vs TCU?  That remains to be seen.

With only a month left to go we have 4 undefeated major power teams who could all make an argument for being in the BCS Title game.  Two would be left out and would likely play each other in the Rose Bowl.  If that is the case we might be looking at our first split National Title since 2003.

Battling Leukemia Colt's Coach Chuck Pagano Gives An Inspiring Speech

How can you not roof for the Colts after seeing Indianapolis head coach Chuck Pagano give this inspiring speech to his players after a hard fought victory over the Miami Dolphins while still battling leukemia?  We here at SportsCrack have nothing but respect to Pagano and we hope he finds a way to beat the deadly disease.  Today we should all be ChuckStrong!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Johnny Manziel For Halloween

Take that Tim Tebow and Collin Klein!

Now this is how you divide and conquer college if you are the star QB.  Texas A& M QB Johnny Manziel aka Johnny Football went as Scooby Doo for Halloween and as you can tell by the pictures did some major bone digging.  Manziel is just a freshman on the field but after looking at pic #2 he's already a senior at the tight end position....just dead eye balling that blonde.

Pictures via OutkickTheCoverage

Thursday, November 01, 2012

This Collin Klein Story Might Cost Him The Heisman

From CBSSports...
Klein's faith is out front, along with his chin that has led the way during 492 career runs. In a Kansas State-produced story that appeared in a game program, Klein said he was told by the Lord he would marry K-State women's basketball player Shalin Spani. The daughter of former KSU football great Gary Spani said she heard "a voice in my head" independently that told her she would marry Klein.
They became engaged before they formally had a first date. That first kiss came on the altar July 21, fulfilling a promise Klein made to himself at age 14. His first kiss would not come until then.
"Yes," Spani was quoted saying about their courtship, "it's unusual."
It's gotta be hard to vote for a guy who gets engaged to a girl before even delivering a first kiss right?  I don't even understand it.  KState QB Collin Klein should be running mad game all around Manhattan while spraying his purple rain on coeds yet here he is fucking married.  Stupid.  What a waste of talent.  I'm not a very religious person but I'm pretty sure God gave you the bat and two balls so you could fucking use it and not hide in your locker while you heard "voices" in your head telling you to marry this person.  That's not the Lord buddy.  It's called your nuts.  I'm not saying he should go all Travis Henry and start impregnating all of North America but you should at least be able to enjoy your success.  God didn't give you a #1 Heisman leader campaign to piss it away by being a pussy.  But hey, to each their own Tebow Jr.  I guess his teammates get to enjoy themselves with all the lonely leftovers because Klein is too scared to kiss a girl in fear of God throwing down a thunderbolt on his pansy ass.

I can't vote for Klein anymore for the Heisman.  Football is a man sport.  Act like one kid.

Granted I don't have a vote but whatever.  Grow some balls.

This Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love Uncle Drew Video is Awesome

I love this shit.  It doesn't get any funnier than Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love dressing up as old people and fooling a bunch of paid actors and extras who are conveniently drinking Pepsi Max in pickup basketball.  Priceless and brilliant.

Notre Dame...It's Alive!!!

The haters will still hate but you can't deny Notre Dame is one of the top 5 teams in the country.  Are they back?  That remains to be seen.  But the program is definitely "alive" and well with Brian Kelly plugging in all the lights to a team that had been dark for way too long.