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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Two Girls Brawling at the Giants Super Bowl Parade

A couple of future "Real Housewives" right there. I could throw out a thousand different New York stereotypes but I will just let the video do my work. No need to waste my energy on these GINAS.

Video via TheBigLead via Guyism

These Faux Nike Pro Combat College Football Helmets Have to Happen

Over at they got a designer to do a series of faux Nike Pro Combat helmets for teams in the Big 10, Big 12, Pac-12, and the SEC. All of them are outstanding but these are the four I like the best from each conference.

I know Illinois is trying to veer off the whole Fighting Illini image but how can you not love this head dress? The rain would come down hard in Champaign with these bad boys...

With Charlie Weis in town you might as well go big with the helmet too. The oversized Jayhawk is on the basketball court already so why not take it to the football helmet?

The Arizona State Sundevil Sparky looks sinister on this helmet! You gotta love the shit eating grin!

This LSU helmet has to be done. It's simply fucking amazing looking. How could a player not want to go to war with the eye of the Tiger on your helmet? If I was an opponent these helmets would definitely make me think twice about going over the middle on LSU.

Be sure to check out for more of the helmet concepts.

And before you ask I think a Notre Dame gold helmet with either the Fighting Irish leprechaun over sized on it would be cool or a navy helmet (I know sacrilegious) with a gold interlocking ND on it would be tight. The helmet now is great but I wouldn't mind once a year coming out with some new.

Artie Lange Kills It With His "Boston" Rap

Boston-"The City where Bucky Dent made the Red Sox look like the cast of Rent!"

Boston-"Where dreams are people don't matter!"

Boston-"Where the White House is holy, unless you are the Bruins jerk-off goalie!"

Boston-"Where if a brotha gets mouthy, he gets dropped off in Southie!"

Boston-"You know Brady is always going to have game, even if his first kid don't share his last name!"

Boston-"This town is a big joke, where Len Bias bought bad coke!"

Boston-"Manning to Cruz, get ready to lose!"

Boston-"People leave here and they show no remorse, like Wade Boggs in pinstripes riding on a horse!"

Boston-"Last year the Red Sox had a team to remember, they would have won it all if it wasn't for a little thing called September!"

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