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Monday, June 29, 2015

The "I Am Chris Farley" Trailer Is Must See

Man it's nuts to think Chris Farley passed away 18 years ago.  I still remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when the news broke.  I had just driven 10 hours south from Baltimore to Atlanta.  I was in a great mood and then as soon as I pulled into my Mom's driveway it all changed.  I was sitting in my old Nissan 200SX just stunned.  I didn't know how to react.  Sad and surprised were the first two emotions as the radio DJ first reported the news of Farley's death.  Then I got angry because I knew I would never get to hear or see Farley in another movie or sketch.  He was at the time my generation's greatest comedian.  He was laugh out loud funny all the fucking time.  His personality and his screen presence just pulled you in no matter how bad the writing was.  He could turn a bad sketch into a great one just by his physicality.

Anyways not to be all doom and gloom but this trailer for "I Am Chris Farley" brought back all those memories of him.  This will be a must see documentary for everyone and hope the younger generation gets to witness the brilliance of Farley.

It will be available August 11th.  For more information go to