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Monday, July 26, 2010


Martin Prado should have run for governor of Georgia. Ok so maybe he is Venezuelan and not a US Citizen but the guy speaks the truth. Nate McLouth does suck. McLouth is batting like .00000004 for the season. It's so bad I don't even want to bother looking it up. Everyone knows he can't hit but nobody has the balls to say it. Except for Martin Fucking Prado. This is why he is the MVP of the National League. Besides hitting upper deck home runs and being a team leader he preaches the truth. If Prado were GM he would send McLouth down to the minors and bring back Gregor Blanco. Thank you Prado for having the balls to speak your mind. Now go ahead and Nancy Kerrigan McLouth's knee.

Big ass HT to Billy Holcombe for the Prado image.


Another sign the apocalypse is upon us: stupid lawsuits. The Tennessee Titans and former USC Trojan and current Titan's head coach Jeff Fisher got their panties in a bunch this weekend when they found out Lane Kiffin stole Titan's running backs coach Kennedy Pola to take over the USC offensive coordinator's job. Now the Titans are suing Kiffin and USC. No bull shit.

The Titans on Monday filed a lawsuit against the University of Southern Cal and head coach Lane Kiffinfor “maliciously” interfering with the contract of running backs coach Kennedy Pola.

The lawsuit was filed in Davidson County Chancery Court and it claims Pola breached his contract with the Titans after being induced by Kiffin. Pola, hired by the Titans in January, was hired by USC over the weekend as the school’s new offensive coordinator.

The lawsuit states “as a result of USC and Kiffin’s tortuous conduct, Tennessee (Titans) football has been damaged in an amount proven at trial.’’

Listen, I hate USC and Lane Kiffin as much as 99.9% of the rest of you but this lawsuit is fucking dumb. Fisher is mad at Kiffin because Kiffin never contacted him before offering the job to Pola. Usually it is polite to at least contact the other teams officials and ask for permission to offer a contract. It's kind of an unwritten rule in the coaching profession. What I don't get is the Titans getting all pissy about it. It's fucking Lane Kiffin. The guy is a fucking brat. Of course he isn't going to ask permission. Hell, Al Davis gave him a head coaching job at the age of 31. Kiffin is use to getting what he wants. He doesn't need Fisher's permission.

There is no need to waste taxpayers money on something this stupid. All coaches are replaceable and if the guy decided to leave then fuck him. Move on. The fact that the Titans are filing a lawsuit over a running backs coach leaving them just smells like rotten vagina. Kiffin maybe an asshole but Jeff Fisher is being a pussy and the Titans organization are a bunch of dicks for suing them over something so frivolous.

So in conclusion fuck all of them. I rest my case.


ExtraMustard has the amazing crash footage of two tractor trailers in Brazil. Holy balls! I had no idea the Brazilians loved tractor trailers. Do we have this shit here? I've seen truck racing but not tractor trucks. It's like a real life Transformers episode. No worries on the accident. Both drivers walked away.