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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NFL Win Totals Released by MGM SportsBook has the hot, fresh out of the oven, NFL win totals for the 2011 season from the MGM Mirage Sportsbook. It's interesting that it would come out now considering the massive amount of turnover in player personnel which is about to happen in the next week or so. But fuck it right? I want to gamble on football and it's my right to do whatever the hell I want to do with my dirty whore money.

Here are the odds courtesy of the MGM Mirage via


New Orleans Saints 10 (Over +105, Under -125)
Atlanta Falcons 10.5 (Over -105, Under -115)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8.5
Carolina Panthers 4.5

Green Bay Packers 11.5
Chicago Bears 9.5
Detroit Lions 7.5 (Over flat, Under -120)
Minnesota Vikings6.5 (Over -120, Under flat)

New York Giants 9.5 (Over -105, Under -115)
Dallas Cowboys 9 (Over flat, Under -120)
Philadelphia Eagles 10 (Over -120, Under flat)
Washington Redskins 6.5 (Over -120, Under flat)

Seattle Seahawks 7 (Over flat, Under -120)
St. Louis Rams 7 (Over -120, Under flat)
San Francisco 49ers 8 (Over -120, Under flat)
Arizona Cardinals 6 (Over -120, Under flat)


Indianapolis Colts 10 (Over flat, Under -120)
Houston Texans 8 (Over -115, Under -105)
Jacksonville Jaguars 6
Tennessee Titans 6.5 (Over -115, Under -105)

Pittsburgh Steelers 11 (Over flat, Under -120)
Baltimore Ravens 11
Cleveland Browns 6.5
Cincinnati Bengals 7.5 (Over -120, Under flat)

New York Jets 10 (Over flat, Under -120)
New England Patriots 11.5 (Over flat, Under -120)
Buffalo Bills 5 (Over -130, Under +110)
Miami Dolphins 8 (Over -105, Under -115)

Denver Broncos 6 (Over flat, Under -120)
San Diego Chargers 10
Oakland Raiders 7
Kansas City Chiefs 8 (Over flat, Under -120)

Right now I think I would take the OVER on Tampa Bay (8.5) because I think the Bucanneers defense is going to be much improved and Josh Freeman is a future star QB who will have a huge 2011 season. I see Tampa Bay getting 10-11 wins this season despite playing in the NFC South with the Saints and Falcons.

Also I think you gotta like the direction the Detroit Lions are headed. With a healthy Matthew Stafford and a defense led by dynamic tackles Suh and Fairley I don't see enough reasons why they can't have at least a .500 season. 8-10 wins seems doable for the young Lions.

The Jets will win more than 10 games. They won 11 last year despite having a giant target on their back because of Hard Knocks. Mark Sanchez is entering his 3rd season. Their defense is too good and despite having to replace some key free agents I think Rex Ryan has them in the playoffs with a possible division title at 11-13 wins.

The 3 UNDERS I would take are the 49ers (8), Titans (6.5), and the Bengals (7.5). All 3 of these franchises are on a downward spiral.

The 49ers have a new coach in Jim Harbaugh and play in a horrible division but who the hell is going to be their QB? Matt Hasselbeck? Alex Smith? The Seahawks, Rams, and the Cardinals (if they get Kevin Kolb) are all better on paper than San Francisco. It's way too much to ask them to finish .500 or better.

The Titans only won 6 games last year. They have a completely new coaching staff. They also will have Jake Locker behind center. Let that soak in for a bit. JAKE LOCKER. The Titans are going to be awful in 2011. They will be lucky to win 4 games let alone 7.

The Bengals are a fucking mess of an organization. Shitty ownership who won't trade Carson Palmer like he requested. They got old players at key positions. And they play in the same division as the Steelers and Ravens. Shit the Browns are better than the Bengals now. There is absolutely no way they win 8 games this year despite getting one of the easier out of division schedules in the league.

The NFL Is Back

Fantasy football geeks can breathe a sigh of relief now that the NFL Lockout has officially ended. Today marks the first day of NFL free agency. It's suppose to be mass hysteria as teams scramble to fill needs while staying under the salary cap. Top players such as Nnamdi Asomugha, Sidney Rice, DeAngelo Williams, Mathias Kiwanuka, and Charles Johnson will be playing for new clubs and report to camp just one day or the same day they sign a contract. It's going to be crazy and already the Baltimore Ravens have released veterans such as Todd Heap, Willis McGahee, and Derrick Mason just to create salary cap room. The first preseason game is less than two weeks away and yet 25% of team's rosters are totally up in the air. Will Reggie Bush still be a Saint? Will the Falcons get a pass rusher they so desperately need? Is Peyton Manning going to be ready for the start of the season? Who is the next Pittsburgh Steeler to get arrested?

Too many questions to be answered and the great part is we should find out by the end of the week where every team stands in player personnel. The NFL is back! Murders and DUI's will be avoided.