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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Apparently O.J. wasn't available.

Shocker isn't it? America's favorite felon tested positive for the holy grass back on September 13th. He has since been ordered to stay at home with an electronic monitoring device and receive mental health counseling. I got a better recommendation. Why don't we take all the Vick supporters who booed the Animal Rights activist last night in Atlanta and shower them with chum and just dump them in the choppy waters of Capetown, South Africa.

Listen people, I'm going to say it as nicely as possible....VICK IS A FUCKING IDIOT!

Don't support that sack of garbage. He is a rich prick who doesn't give a shit. And those people who just embarrassed the rest of Atlanta including myself last night by booing a guy who supports the rights to protect animals from cruelty can seriously, and I mean seriously, go....

Sorry people, I'm in a glass case of emotion right now.

Click here for the latest Charlie Weis interview on Stephen A. Smith radio show. If you want to hear a question that makes absolutely zero sense without any research, fast forward to the 5:35 mark and listen.

This is why ESPN blows. Notre Dame fans are not bitching about Weis recruiting. His recruiting is unbelievable and he is bringing in elite players unlike the past regime. Notre Dame's current recruiting class is ranked #1 in the nation. The past two seasons since Charlie took over the recruiting classes finished in the top 10 in the nation. This notion that Notre Dame isn't going to get better is just bullshit. The elite talent they have right now is all in the freshmen and sophomore classes and are just inexperienced but are growing up fast.

Do your research ESPN and stop trying to stir the pot.

We can all agree what ESPN stands for...

MY TOP 10 brought to you by Heidi Klum
I'm really too lazy right now to do a top 25 in college football. Plus I'm sure most of you could give a horse's ass where Virginia Tech (let the healing begin)is on my top 25. They wouldn't be in it by the way. I figured I would spice up the list and bring in an official sponsor of the top 10 list. Luckily for all the guys supermodel Heidi Klum agreed to be a presenter. Thank you Germany.

1. Oklahoma Sooners-They have scored over 51 points in every game and covered every spread. They make me rich so I give them props. Bradford to Kelly might be the best QB to WR combo in the nation.

2. LSU Tigers-This team is so fierce it's like watching Charlie Weis and Mark Mangino slug it out for the last munchkin at Dunkin Donuts. The trick play for a TD against South Carolina gave me a boner.

3. USC Trojans-You can't spell TROJAN without OJ. Shameless promotion, I know. Yes, they are really good, Pete Carroll is a god, blah blah blah. Suck it Trojans.

4. Florida Gators-Not sure how long Tim Tebow is going to last this season rushing the ball the way he has. Urban Meyer needs to figure out a way to run the spread offense without him getting hit 3000 times a game. I know Tebow is the Ultimate QB (another shameless plug)but not even Pamela Anderson could take the constant pounding of Tommy Lee before going down for the count.

5. West Virginia-The Mountaineers are facing a stiff test this week against South Florida. If you like to be entertained just keep your eyes on Pat White.

6. Texas Longhorns-Finally they played a decent game last week against Rice. The offense appears to be clicking and they could get a good battle from Kansas State this week.

7. Oregon Ducks-I'm moving the Ducks up because I think they will beat Cal this week. Dennis Dixon and Jonathan Stewart having been beasts all season and their defense is better than Cal's.

8. Cal Bears-Desean Jackson will have a good game this week but it won't be enough against Oregon.

9. Ohio State-I like their defense and they have a great coach in Jim Tressel. One of their players dotted the I between H-O a couple of days ago. Kids will be kids.

10. Kentucky-Watch them play and you will appreciate how good they are. Their offense is balanced and their confidence is growing. Oh yeah, did I mention on here how much I love Andre' Woodson and Rafael Little? I hold them in my heart so dearly I'm thinking about making a pillow with both of their backsides on each side of the pillow. Sweet dreams!

Just missed the cut but not really: Rutgers, Wisconsin, South Florida, Boston College, Clemson


Head over to Awful Announcing to hear what Wilbon said yesterday on the Mike Tirico Radio Show(how in the hell did that no good sexual predator jock sniffer get the job to replace Dan Patrick ahead of the way more interesting and actually funny Scott Van Pelt?) about bloggers. It always amazes me when the so called press gets their panties in a bunch over bloggers and their blogs. It must be some form of jealously or fear of losing their job.

We are all just ugly geeks hiding behind a computer Wilbon! Unfortunately Wilbon hasn't taken the cue of bloggers and hidden his ugly mug.

Kudos to Awful Announcing for sticking up for the bloggers of the world.

Today my mom, Gail, was born down in the hot tropical haven known to the locals as Key West. She lived a great life and unfortunately cancer gave her a detour and cut it short. The memories will never die.

Happy Birthday Mom, I love you forever...

"The Funeral" by Band of Horses