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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week 11 Still Going Strong!

Sorry I missed last week, I know you were all desperately upset. I hope no one decided to jump because of Matt and I missing our picks. More importantly, don't jump this week because we're back! I'm still 28 - 12 and only missed one week, I'll take it.

Georgia vs Auburn (Auburn favored by only God knows how much at this point)
Hey Urban, thanks for the help! I have to agree with Matt, you're a great coach, and now I also understand you're a world class scum bag. I'm so glad you leaked the story of Cam "The Scam" Newton. Personally, I hope it's all not true. Everything I've heard about the guy since his "incidents" at Florida have been good. The kid is uber talented and is destined to pull a "Bush Bolt" and head to the NFL this year where coaches with scramble to draft him and meet the apparent financial needs of his family. While Georgia is not favored, the offense is clicking, and at the right time. Richt hasn't beaten a ranked team this year and honestly, he has to beat either Auburn or Tech to ensure a bowl game. Let's face it, without UGA's best player, Josh "The Heisman Hopeful" Nesbitt, UGA may be at more of a disadvantage in that game. I personally would like to think the Dawgs have enough in them to play spoiler to Auburn, but a National Championship game without an SEC team just doesn't seem like a National Championship game to me at all. It's only fair to be somewhat unbiased and I really don't know if UGA's defense is ready for the Auburn ground game, nor Newton's arm. Offensively, I think UGA truly has the advantage, the group of receivers are proving to be talented and the special teams are just that, special. UGA's downfall will be their defense. Auburn's offense is too powerful for UGA to make mistakes and with the youth and new system, UGA is not disciplined enough to not make a mistake or two. As much as I desperately want to pick my Dawgs, I can't do it, though I do think it'll be a good game. While I'm not picking you, I'm rooting for you, GOOOO DAWGS, but Auburn wins.

Auburn 35 vs UGA 31

Penn State vs Ohio State
I'm not a Buckeye fan, that's no secret, but I'm less of a Penn State fan. I could care less how many victories Joe Pa has. When he dies, they may put his ashes in a jar, put them in the coaches box, and still call him the head coach. Hell, they may bury him within a monument and accredit every game ever played by Penn State again to him. Personally, I don't want to know. All I know is that the Little 11 is less than it used to be and it wasn't all that excellent to begin with. Ohio State has a better offense, a better defense, a better special teams, a better coach, and a better fan base. The boys from Ohio are good and while I don't think they will get by Iowa next week, I'm positive they'll use this as a warm up game for the battle with the Hawkeyes. If I were a betting man, I'd bet on the Buckeyes, but I don't bet because it's no fun when you always win.

PSU 10 vs OSU 27

Mississippi State vs Alabama
Man my fingers hurt after typing out Mississippi State. While Dan Mullen is very obviously involved in "Newton Gate", he's still a genius. Who expected MSU to compete this year?!?! They Bulldogs from the west are good, but Alabama is better. LSU played a better game than Alabama, hands down, but Coach Satan, I mean Saban, is going to unleash Hell's Fury (did I reference the Devil again... my bad) all over the unlucky Bulldogs. Saban is not going to be embarrassed this season and he's going to have his minions, I mean players, focused and ready. This game is going to feel closer than it will end. MSU simply does not have the talent nor the depth to stick it out versus a pissed off Crimson Tide. Tide rolls at home.

MSU 10 vs Alabama 24

Utah vs Notre Dame
I don't have a lot good to say about Notre Dame. They have underperformed for a few years now and are proving once again that they aren't ready to step back into the college football world of powerhouses. They have the tradition, the facilities, the academics, the support, the boosters, the fans to bring in top notch talent year in and out, but the coaching staff has been largely unable to get the successful culture of Notre Dame to translate onto the field of play. This week, they face a very good Utah team and the losing is unfortunately going to continue. I wish them the best this game, but they will need much more than the "luck of the Irish" to beat Utah.

Utah 28 vs Notre Dame 10

Kansas State vs Missouri
Tiger fans, here's your chance to stand out in the Big 12. You're facing a good, but not great Kansas State team that has outperformed their talent on the field. While I'm still not closed to convinced the Big 12 is all that amazing, I do believe the Tigers are doing a good job of heading toward the top of the conference and I'm hopeful that they are able to remain there. Missouri beats K State this week.

K State 24 vs Missouri 28

South Carolina vs Florida
Cocks vs Crocks. The Ole Ball Coach/Evil Genius vs Urban "The Liar" Cryer/Meyer. Who cares what you call it. This is the battle of two extraordinary coaches and two seriously evil people. Meyer is proving to be a completely manipulative scumbag who will stoop to any low to win on any given Saturday, then quit on his team in the off-season to vacation with his family as he "recovers", only to rejoin his team shortly thereafter. Spurrier needs no introductions nor reminders of his evil MO, he's the Evil Genius, and he's brilliant. Love him or hate him, personally I love to hate him, he knows what he's doing. The cocks have been brilliantly inconsistent this season, but they will get better, much better, and Florida has been a bit of an enigma without St. Tebow. This week determines the winner of the SEC East and who will lose to Auburn in the championship game. As much as I"m going to pull for South Carolina, there is no way that I can possibly deny that I can't wait to see Cam Newton explode all over Urban Meyer's face.

Cocks 17 vs Crocks 28


#2 in the country.

#2 is still eligible.

And those are 2 big reasons every Auburn fan can still smile today.


We have had multiple requests in the past week from SEC Country to do a WAR $CAM EAGLE shirt. So here you go Bama, Mississippi State, Georgia, Florida, etc. fans.

The front of the shirt says 'WAR $CAM EAGLE."

The back it says "PAY-2-PLAY $CAM ON AUBARN."






In case you were hunkering down Georgia fans on the fat 8 1/2 point dogs that UGA was facing on Saturday against Auburn you can now save your money since Las Vegas has removed the line and the game. According to Jeff Schultz with the Vegas has now dropped the game because of the Cam Newton effect.

I received this text message from Todd Fuhrmann, the sportsbook analyst at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas: “Rumors running rampant and swirling about Cam Newton’s status. He appears to be a game time decision now and no player would move the number more.”

Now with the revelations that Cecil and Cam Newton both talked to Mississippi State recruiters about a pay-for-play in telephone conversations. If this is true then they are both fucking morons. It's still seems ironic that these phone conversations were reported back in January to the SEC conference officials and yet we are only hearing about it now. Basically if Cam Newton was a second string QB on Auburn this story would have never come out. Anyways with Newton on the verge of possibly being held out or being declared ineligible Vegas has taken the proactive response and just taken the game off. Without Cam I don't think they beat Georgia. It's as simple as that.

* picture is for point spread purposes.