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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dwight Howard Gets Emotional and Cries During His Introductory Atlanta Hawks Press Conference

Welcome back to Atlanta Dwight Howard.

Nick Saban Gets in Heated Exchange with Paul Finebaum on SEC Network over Hootie Jones/Cam Robinson Non Suspension

I've said it before but you can't help but tip your hat to Nick Saban.  He simply doesn't give a fuck what you, me, the media or Paul Finebaum think about what should be done to two players found with illegal handguns and weed at 2am in a park.  I mean is that not just perfectly normal?  I can't tell you how many times I've been arrested for illegal handguns and weed and the DA just threw it out because I play in the SEC.  This is normal behavior in today's world.  Why are we judging these kids so harshly?  Don't cross Saban.  He only needed 4 police motorcycles to escort him to SEC Media Days today.  This is SEC football royalty we are talking about.  He could have you erased so quickly from the planet you would think you were an AP Poll member.

It's good to know Saban doesn't condone Hootie Jones and Cam Robinson's behavior though.  He's not going to convict them of anything but he doesn't condone what they were doing.  Good talk coach.

What we did find out from this video is that Saban will do whatever it takes to win football games in the fall.

Here is the full video of the exchange...

Apparently Saban got real heated with Finebaum when they went off air.  Of course Saban's two former players and now SEC Network media members in Booger McFarland and Greg McElroy knew to keep their distance and not question the all powerful leader.

And in the end we found out Jones and Robinson will both be playing vs USC in week 1 without any form of suspension.  Because we all know Saban has to win games and that's all that really matters.  Roll Tide.

Tom Brady's Deflategate Suspension Upheld And I Don't Fucking Get It

Comedian Bill Burr sums it up perfectly.  I'm not a Tom Brady fan or a New England Patriots fan by any means but this suspension for "Deflategate" has got to be the dumbest fucking thing ever.  We are seriously still talking about pressure in a football when no one can prove shit.  Literally there has been no proof or evidence Brady or the ball boys tinkered with the footballs.  It's just the NFL and/or Indianapolis Colts who hate Tom Brady and the Patriots for some reason.  Well we know the reason the Colts hate them.  Maybe Brady fucked Roger Goodell's wife or daughter or both.  I don't fucking know but it's clear as day Goodell has a personal vendetta against Brady.  And it's not about the pressure in the footballs.  It doesn't matter.  The NFL is shitting all over Brady who should be enjoying his final seasons in the NFL while they let Peyton Manning skate by when it is clear as day he was doing HGH to recover from his neck injuries.

What a world.