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Thursday, November 08, 2012

High School Football Play of the Year

In some dark alley Tyrone Prothro is shaking his head while sobbing into his old torn up Bama jersey "I could have been All-American!"

UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer Has Talent

Brittney Palmer is an UFC Octagon Girl which means she "entertains" the crowd between rounds of guys fighting each other in skin tight shorts which isn't gay at all by the way.  Essentially she holds a sign up saying what round it is.  That takes talent people.  And as you can see she has plenty of it.

Via TheBigLead

Louis Nix Doesn't Appreciate The Fat Comments

Louis Nix is a 340 lb starting nose guard for the undefeated Notre Dame Fighting Irish and has a personality and sense of humor almost as big as his bear claws for hands.  But don't call him "fat."

"One guy at Oklahoma called me fat and he was fat himself," Nix said.
"I didn't like that. In my mind we should stick together. We're both big guys, and you want to call me fat? I didn't like that." 

How can one argue with the self appointed "Irish Chocolate?"  There is no reason to call someone fat especially if you are in fact a chub.  It would be like myself calling someone out as pasty white or having a pencil dick.  Oh wait never mind.