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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Minnesota Viking's defensive end/manchild Jared Allen had a hell of a game last night with 3.5 sacks to help Brett Favre beat his old team in the Green Bay Packers. I'm not here to talk about Favre. I could actually give a shit about giving that guy anymore news than he deserves. Jared Allen is why this blog exists. His mullet does it for me. Like the Hitler stache the mullet has been out of style for years. Why? Well if I need to explain it then I am really surprised you can even read and/or write or even know how to operate a computer without beating on it like a monkey.

The point is Allen is bringing back the mullet no matter how much he might get ridiculed. In fact he has been trying to bring it back since his playing days in Kansas City. In Missouri the mullet is almost as cherished as the St. Louis Cardinals and dentures. Take a look at this video of Mullet man explaining his doo...

I enjoy Allen. He seems to be the NFL's version of Kenny Powers. The guy wears #69 for a reason ladies. He has a sense of humor and doesn't take himself too seriously. Check out this shirt he is wearing to an interview with Fox Sports...


Since I own my own "fashion" t-shirt business I have tried to stay away from criticizing brands like Ed Hardy and Affliction. Mostly because the guys who wear them are bigger than me and could quite possibly be retarded. If you learn one thing in life let it be this: never get in a fight with a retard. Their strength is superhuman. Plus you will look bad in the long run because seriously, who fights retards? And no, I'm not making fun of mentally challenged people. Just people who wear Ed Hardy and/or Affliction shirts.


Take a look at this view and you tell me why AJ Green and Georgia got called for an unsportansmanlike penalty with just over a minute left in their game against LSU...

The Bulldogs got called for a 15 yard penalty after the refs on the field ruled that the Green Machine was guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct. Where the fuck is it? The Bulldogs, who just got a 13-12 lead over LSU with 1:09 left, were forced to kick off from their 15 yard line. LSU quickly scored thanks to the great field position because of the penalty and the fact that they couldn't tackle kick returner Trindon Holliday and RB Charles Scott. I'm not taking anything away from LSU. They fought the good battle and probably deserved to win this game fair and square. But why in the hell do refs throw flags in these situations?

Georgia just scored the go-ahead touchdown and of course they are going to celebrate like madmen. This is college football. Nothing AJ Green did warrants the "unsportsmanlike conduct" and yesterday it was confirmed by Roger Reddings, the SEC supervisor of officials, that the penalty shouldn't have been called. The refs need to have discretion when it comes to calling these penalties. You don't call this shit when it can affect the outcome of the game. Unless Green pulled a slash throat move or flicked the other team off there is no good reason to throw a flag there.

No truth to the rumor that the referees who called the Georgia-LSU game have been promoted to the Big Ten officiating crew. What do you guys think about the call and timing of it all?