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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


"Jimmy is ready to go today. Jimmy's back. Armando's back. We're ready to go." - Charlie Weis

From IrishIllustrated comes this wonderful quote from today's presser with Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis. Thank God. Notre Dame's offense struggled for the first time all season thanks in part to losing Michael Floyd for the season the week before but a large part of it was not having Armando Allen in the backfield and Jimmy Clausen playing half a game due to turf toe. If Notre Dame is going to outscore their opponents this season (trust me their defense can't stop shit right now) they are going to have to rely on Clausen and Armando getting the majority of the playing reps. Clausen is one of the top 3 quarterbacks in the nation right now and sealed one of those signature moments in Irish history when he came off the bench to help lead Notre Dame to a tough road victory in the final seconds with a winning touchdown pass to tight end Kyle Rudolph. The backup Dayne Crist is a great player himself but Jimmy is the clear leader of the offense and makes it work with his incredible accuracy and experience. Notre Dame also has a ton of depth at the tailback position but "MANDO" as I call him is the most dependable and has turned himself into a top 10 back in the nation with his 326 rushing yards in the first 3 games.

Having Jimmy and Mando back gives Notre Dame an extra 10 points at the very least in my opinion this weekend against a dangerous Washington team. Notre Dame has to win and hopefully convincingly instead of giving me cardiac arrest once again. They have an off week to prepare for their biggest game of the season: USC. Jimmy and Mando will help determine whether or not Notre Dame is ready to step up to the big boy table and finally slay their arch rival Trojans. The FUPA's job is on the line as well. I can't wait.


The Seattle Seahawks wore their bright lime throwback jerseys this past week against the Chicago Bears and they did what every Seahawks team has done: they choked away a win. But who gives a shit, it's the Seahawks. What was really cool to see was one of my favorite Notre Dame players of all-time, Julius Jones, give a little tribute touchdown dance to none other than past wrestling greats Jeff Jarrett and Ric Flair. Awesome.

EDIT: As pointed out by one of our great readers Jeff this move was "Technically speaking, the move he was doing was originated by wrestling legend Jackie Fargo, who was the King of Memphis wrestling BEFORE Jerry Lawler."
So there you go, thanks for the heads up Jeff!

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