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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It takes a complete asshole to tell your head coach you are leaving school through a text message. Former Vol RB Bryce Brown should have been man enough to do it through Facebook. Right?

“Bryce left town without a face-to-face request (with UT football coach Derek Dooley) for a transfer,” a school official told the News Sentinel on Tuesday evening. “There’s still no news on where he wants to go.”

There has been considerable speculation that the consensus high school All-American running back from Wichita would transfer to Kansas State, where his older brother is now enrolled.

Brown, who was the No. 1 attraction in former UT coach Lane Kiffin’s 2009 recruiting class, didn’t take part in spring practice following Kiffin’s departure for the head-coaching job at Southern California and wasn’t expected to rejoin the team. But there was just enough doubt to make for an ongoing story.

The story continued Tuesday. Dooley addressed it at a local Rotary Club luncheon.

“I said (earlier) that I was open to Bryce coming back on the condition that he wanted to unpack his bags and put his heart into this program,” Dooley said. “I fully expect Bryce not to be on our team.

“The reason it has continued on is because Bryce has not come to me, looked me in the eye and said I want a release to so-and-so school. At some point, that’s got to happen.”

Brown, the #1 rated player coming out of Kansas in high school, left the good old fashion Lane Kiffin way. He pussed out. Losing Brown is a major blow to the Tennessee football program and new head coach Derek Dooley no matter how much they try to spin it. Brown as a true freshman tailback ran for 460 yards while also catching 10 passes for 137 yards out of the backfield. He was the primary backup to Montario Hardesty who rushed for 1345 yards. Now both of them are not at Tennessee. The Vols will now have no game experience at the tailback position. Ruh roh.

Tauren Poole is a sophomore with no experience and David Oku and Toney Williams are both true freshmen who will have a tough time picking up the speed of the college game at least for the early part of the season. The Volunteers could be historically bad this year with junior college transfer Matt Simms (oh fuck another Simms in college, hide the weed) looking like the early leader to be taking snaps behind center. They have to play Oregon, Florida, LSU, Georgia and Alabama within the first 7 weeks of the season. They should lose all of them.

Better yet they might not show up. They could just text SEC Commissioner Mike Silve: "We can't make it LOL."

Brown is no doubt a huge vagina for leaving in this manner which makes him a perfect fit at USC with Kiffin. Not only is he one of the most talented running backs in the college game but his transfer to USC would probably cause the media to explode with stories about how Kiffin loves to finger blast recruits with money and women and empty promises of future stardom. If there is a God he will make this happen. What can Brown do for USC? More sanctions.

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It's time for the 9-7 Falcons to "Rise Up?" Ok. I actually don't mind the commercial as much as the whole "Rise Up" theme. They probably paid Samuel Jackson a cool million to do the commercial so they might as well make it exciting. Something that makes you feel like you are at a football game and not in church singing hymns. And where the fuck are the Matty Ice shirts? Those shirts alone get people jacked up for some Falcon's football. But no, not one Matty Ice shirt. They should have had Jackson playing Jules and Freddie the Falcon dressed up as Vincent Vega. Now that shit would have been cool. They could have reenacted scenes from Pulp Fiction and just replaced some of the characters with the mascots from the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Bucanneers and Drew Brees birthmark/mole. The hamburger scene would have been perfect.

No worries though. The Falcons are winning the NFC South. The Saints will slip this year. Brees is too busy selling Pyramid schemes to those poor souls in New Orleans to realize Matt Ryan and the Falcons have reloaded. The offense will of course score a ton of points but the key is the defense. It should be greatly improved with new additions DL Peria Jerry, LB Sean Weatherspoon, and CB Dunta Robinson all destroying opponents. Falcons go 12-4, maybe 13-3.

Playoffs baby. Playoffs.