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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

7th Grade QB Trick Shot Video

Paging Brian Kelly. Paging Brian Kelly. 5 years from now after you have won your third National Championship at Notre Dame you might want to pay this kid; Gunnar Legas of Provo, Utah; a visit. This kid is already making throws I can only dream of when I'm passed out drunk. It's all about dreams kids till you get older and wake up with piss all over yourself. Again. But seriously Kelly you need to give Gunnar a call before he ends up with those degenerate Mormons.

Evan Longoria has good hands

Yeah I know it's fake but it's still cool. It's like those old Gatorade commercials with Michael Vick throwing the football out of the stadium. The only difference between the two commercials is Longoria kills road beef while Vick kills puppies.