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Thursday, July 08, 2010


The Trojan Empire continues to crumble. Redshirt freshman safety Byron Moore is leaving just a few days after defensive end Malik Jackson decided to transfer to Tennessee...

Citing similar reasons to that of another USC deserter, Malik Jackson, Byron Moore has decided that his future is better served at an institution other than the University of Southern California.

Moore, a redshirt freshman defensive back out of Narbonne High School, had been in the mix for one of the starting safety positions vacated by former stalwarts Taylor Mays and Will Harris.

Unfortunately, the Trojans will have to look to other players to fill the void after Moore's father, Byron Moore, Sr., confirmed that his son would be seeking “a fresh start” elsewhere.

While many believed the decision to leave had more to do with the sanctions handed down by the NCAA, Moore's father reiterated that the move was not about the hot water in which the USC football program has found itself.

The news of Moore's departure comes just a few days after defensive lineman, Malik Jackson, citing a need for increased playing time as his reasoning, announced that he would be transferring and would become a member of coach Lane Kiffin's former team, the Tennessee Volunteers.

Rumors are also flying around the airwaves and message boards that Mitch Mustain could be transferring to Tennessee. He would be eligible to start right away in Knoxville (remember he was 8-0 as a freshman at Arkansas) because all junior and senior transfers from USC have instant eligibility because of the NCAA sanctions. D.J. Shoemate, a 5 star high school talent who now plays fullback at SC, is rumored to be transferring to UCONN. Why I don't know.

With the loss of Seantrel Henderson and all of these other players it will be difficult for USC to punish teams in the second half due to attrition. They still have a ton of elite talent but as the season progresses the lack of depth is going to kill them especially with the inevitable injuries that occur in the fall. Mustain would be a devastating loss because he is Matt Barkley's backup whom is coming off an injury himself and appears to be one hit away from turning into John David Booty. Keeping Mustain is a must for the Trojans. Expect a new house rent free for the Mustain family.


Take a deep breath. We are less than two months away from college football kicking off. Let it kick in. Stretch a little bit if you have to. Do some yoga. I won't tell. Praise the lord. No more bull shit talk about the NBA. I feel like I should apologize for even bringing up the whole free agency deal with you know who. We are going back to our bread and butter. It's what made the coolest website for people who don't want to work. That is right folks. We are going full force COLLEGE FUCKING FOOTBALL for at least the next 6 months. Sure we will sprinkle in some NFL, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc. to wet your nose but we all know the drug of choice is college football here. We got some previews of the upcoming season in the works and of course we have a ton of new t-shirts* just around the corner for all the fans out there (except USC, fuck em).

I figured I would start off the preseason talk with a video of West Virginia RB Noel Devine. He is one of the most exciting players in the college game and he has a good chance of carrying the Mountaineers to a BCS bowl game. Not that anybody really gives a shit outside the state lines. But nevertheless he deserves this video. The little smurf is like Neo. He doesn't see defenders. He just sees code.

*- 100% guaranteed to get you laid.


I wish I had something to say but I really don't. I mean wow. I got to admit I kind of laughed but then again I'm a degenerate blogger who lives in my mom's basement.


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Just to save everyone the embarrassment that is tonight's "Lebron James ESPN Fellatio Special" I figured I would give you a heads up and tell you that multiple sources (my split personality, the mailman, the neighborhood drunk, and other various news outlets) are indicating Lebron will sign with the Miami Heat.


He will now join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to form the NBA's newest "Big Three." The Heat are now the odds-on favorite to win the Eastern Conference with three superstars all entering the peak of their careers. Good for them.

At least the Hawks signed Joe Johnson to a $119 million dollar deal. Brilliant idea by the Hawks front office by the way. JJ contract won't be a complete albatross on the franchise in two years when his career is all but over and no team will take his dead rotting carcass off their hands.

But anyways, enough with the Hawks. The Heat with Lebron, Wade, and Bosh will be nasty and should win 65 plus games a season on talent alone. Will they win championships? I think they could win a couple but they will still have their hands full with Orlando (who's going to match up with Dwight Howard) and the Lakers have a better all-around team from top to bottom than the Heat. Lebron could get a ring but it still won't put him up there with MJ much less Kobe.

Now the question remains: Which new teammate bangs Lebron's mom first? I'm going to go wildcard and go with Pat Riley. How else do you think they convinced him to sign in Miami? Pat has his ways.